Victor F. Laurence aka “CyberVic”

Programmer, Analyst, Learner, Leader, Gamer

Who am i? Well, the basics are that I’m 6′ tall with brown hair and seductively dark brown eyes (or so the ladies say). Currently living in Portland, Oregon. If you see me on the street, I’ll probably be wearing some kind of stylish black jacket (have to wear one all the time in Oregon), a nice warm scarf, and probably on of my collection of Gatsby/driving hats. I’m pretty clean cut, so I’m usually wearing a nice polo shirt, dress shirt, or something else relatively conservative.

I’ve moved around a lot in my days, originally from Miami, FL. I was 9 when I moved to Memphis, TN for 4 years, then to St. Louis for 2 years, then proceeded to here in Oregon where I’ve lived ever since. I can’t see myself ever living in an other place other than Oregon, it’s such a beautiful place, the air is so fresh and clean.

You could say I’m my father’s son. My father was (is currently retired) one of the best managers of the Federal Reserve Bank during his time of service. He was famous as a manager for going to different offices and increasing efficiencies, broken procedures, and improving business practices. Since I was a child, much of his managerial knowledge was bestowed upon me just from exposure to conversations at home.  Since then throughout my career, I knew that eventually one day I would follow in his managerial footsteps.

Being a natural coder since the age of 8 or 9, I’ve always perused a career in software development. My career in software development started at the age of 17, where my first job was doing software development on contract for Epson Portland. In recent years exposure to volunteer leadership positions and at my previous job opened up my realization that my true potential was in management. Since then I’ve taken coursework in leadership and motivation, risk management, change management, and continuously study great minds in business like John P. Kotter (even have talked with him about a leadership side project I’m working on). To keep my skills and ideas flowing, I read Redmond Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and attend PADNUG (Portland Area Dot Net User Group) meetings.

I am an avid fly tyer and fly fisherman, I love to paint minatures, warhammer when I can, DnD every Sunday, I grow a lot of fruit, berries, and veggies, am studying Tae Kwon Do (should be black belt end of next year), and play all kinds of online games from of course Minecraft to WoW to League of Legends to Diablo. I livestream on Twitch.tv on my channel www.twitch.tv/livistos/.

I am an avid MMO / gaming enthusiast.
– All started with the ATARI
– Many, many PC and console games over the years
– 2 years of UO as a tamer
– 5 years of EQ as a shaman
– Several years running my own UO shard
– A few months playing Horizons beta
– 2 years of WoW as a guild leader & priest
– 6 months of Tabula Rasa as a medic
– 6 months of Warhammer online

– Now back in World of Warcraft with my guild

Everything else you might want to know about me is probably contained within this blog, but if you want to get to know me more, drop me a line and I’d be happy to have a conversation with you when I’m available. Welcome to my journal and try not to pick my brain too hard, it’s kinda squishy. The original purpose of this journal was for memory keeping purposes since I have a really, really bad memory. In other words, I don’t maintain this blog for anyone other than myself and the few family/friends who want to keep up with my life happenings in this blog.

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