Dec 04 2009

Jeere Stead on Bloomberg

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Jeere Stead, Chairman and CEO of IHS, just the other day was on Bloomberg talking about the economy, why IHS is doing well even in this economy, the effectiveness of diversifying out business globally, and most importantly he commented on the biggest part of our business that is growing: The Environment Domain. I always love an opportunity to hear Jeere speak and this interview especially was great. I love how he corrected the guy and pointed out that we don’t sell “data”, but rather information and insight. We collect data, add meaning to it, and then sell that value added information. I think especially with what is going on in Copenhagen next week, it will be interesting to see the new opportunities that we’re going to jump all over. We have the people, smarts, and vision to be able to provide solutions to tackle whatever the new things come out of the discussions and our domain will grow as a result.

Watch his interview here.

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