May 31 2010

Kerrie’s first fish

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So over the weekend, focused on 3 main things. Fishing, entering Geo-cache entries from our Astoria trip (57 of them plus TB’s), and spending time with Kerrie and the rest of my local family at a memorial day BBQ.

Saturday was an homage to fishing. It was Kerrie’s first fishing trip with her own licence and new 2-6 lbs micro action fishing pole. We spent the morning cleaning and then headed out to Harriet lake, picking up the Oregon / Washington National Forrest annual pass along the way. We got some stunning views and I think in a way the drive was almost as enjoyable as the fishing. Estacada lake especially looked beautiful as we wondered about how awesome it would be to have our first boating experience there.

When we got the Harriet, it was crowded and tiny, so we continued forth to Timothy Lake. I quickly got my bearings and then we settled in at the usual doc spot where Dad, Ray, and I used to fish. We got setup, tested our fish finder finally (yeah it works), and then started fishing. The day started off slow, but once they started biting we landed 6 fish in pretty short order. After we got home at almost 10:00, I cleaned and prep’ed the fish for Sunday night’s dinner. Sunday Kerrie cooked them bone / skin on, I cleaned them off the bone after cooking, and man was it good eats.

Oh and I’m never going back to Faraday. That lake sucks.

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