Mar 12 2006

Best Concert Ever

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Berbati’s Pan is a venue I’ve never been to before so right away it was a new and cool experience. After scoping the place realized that they were selling LP’s of the She Wants Revenge album so I picked it up for $15 bucks. There were 2 bands on before SWR that where pretty good but when SWR finally hit the stage the crowd went wild. They did the entire album including “Why can’t I just spend the night” and “Run, Run, Run”, which apparently “Run, Run, Run” was the first song they ever wrote even before they thought they were going to be a band. After the show Adam (piano player/base player) signed my album “Victor, very nice to meet you!” with his name and SWR at the bottom. I’m going to frame it and put it on the wall here at work. I got tons of pictures and videos of the concert that I’ll have to get online later. It was from my shitty camera phone, but hey better than nothing.

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