Mar 17 2006

Happy St. Paddy’s

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Yes it’s the day of Guinness, Baily’s, and Irish drunken frivolity. After work, Kerrie and I went down to the Kell’s Irish festival, got the T-Shirt, had plenty of fresh off the roast, roast beef sandwiches, a Guinness, and enjoyed good music. I got to hear my favorite Kell’s band is extra luster up in the across the street tent. I talked for a while with my favorite bar tender who was part of even coordination/security tonight. Oddly, shortly after that I felt fulfilled and needed a change of scene. We tried to get into the pub to check out what was going on in there but even with a bracelet the line was atrocious. So we walked to Voodoo Donuts and I had one of their Oreo cookie donuts. Sure the night of drinking ended early but I think that I did enjoy myself and got my fill of this fantastic Irish holiday.

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