Feb 01 2007


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Well I’ve installed C# 2005 Express, SQL Server 2005 Express, XNA Game Studio Express, and TorqueX. I downloaded the 22 part series from Microsoft on introduction to C# through learning how to write a 2-D game and then a 3-D game using C# and XNA. I picked up a book today at Powells “C# for Programmers” which looked like it had the right kind of content rich learning I’m looking for. This weekend I’m going to spend going through some of the training videos, the book, and looking at the colledges in the area, their programs, and what’s the best course of action that will get me some kind of results.

Even if I don’t end up going into the gaming industry, this approach by Microsoft on training through game design is going to get me into learning some hardcore fundamentals of C# that I don’t know and at the same time not be bored and exited to be coding this stuff. I still don’t know in the end if I want to refocus my carrier into game design or high end application design. Either way I’m sick and tired of writing all these custom code widgets and web applications that are all bastardizations of good working systems. Well I can rand on forever about it but the point is I hate where my carrier is and I know I was to shift directions.

I think my plan is that I will make a deal with PREM to focus on full time development for a little while banging out the necessary stuff for the next phase of the company, then I want to switch into a part time status and go back to school. I don’t know how they are going to take it. For all I know they are going to flip out and cut me off and go hire someone else. I just can’t go on being unhappy with my carrier and where I am in my skill sets just because I care about PREM. I can’t put them before me. So I’ve made the decision, my folks are backing me. I’m going down this road.

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