Feb 06 2007

Game Development Day #5

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And thus end the overall functionality of the game is done. It’s actually a playable game now and if I must stay it’s got a decent difficult to it. I need to work on some of my code and make sure I’m not doing anything that’s memory intensive. It seems like it gets a little choppy at times but that might be because of the debugger. Overall I’m pretty pleased and looking forward to a few days off. When I pick it up next I’ll work on jumping code.

– Added HitBoxes to Megaman, Shots, and Eyeballs
– Added Collision code for hitboxes
– Killed eyeball on collision with bullet or Megaman
– Incremented kill count on bullet/eyeball collision
– Decreased life on eyeball/Megaman collision
– Paused music when pausing the game
– Corrected music looping bug
– Added a “score” system
– Killing an eyeball is 1 point, killing when it is attacking 5 points
– Added code so every so many kills of eyeballs you get a bonus life
– Added a survival timer and survival bonus
– If you don’t take damage for survival time, you get bonus
– Added “Bonus In” message at the top of the screen
– Converted all times from using GameLoop int increments to GameTime float values in seconds. That way timers can be in exact seconds
– Fixed “Bonus In” message to display in whole seconds till bonus
– Added “Game Over” message
– Added game reset code when starting again after a game over
– Added an increasing difficulty scale
– Added Level counter, goes up in level every time you survive for 30 seconds
– Tweaked the LevelUp scale and overall difficulty

Next on the todo list:
– Added jump animation
– Added jump physics & reaction to the A button
– Added jump shooting animation
– Added jump shoot code

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