Feb 07 2007

My skills have dwindled

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I can’t believe it… oh wait yeah I can. In my 2 1/2 plus years here at PREM I’ve lost SOOOOOOOOooooo much of my Windows development skills. It’s funny how I’ve been an application developer all this time and now since I’ve been at PREM I’ve lost so much of it because all I do here is write server side console widget like apps and web applications. None of which are elegant or honestly very functional. None of which last longer than a year around here. I’m getting really really burnt out on this company and need to move on. Every day someone does or says something that makes me think “Why do I care anymore? They sure as hell don’t!”. I really want to be writing real software here and the very few “new” skills I’ve learned since I started here are nothing compared to the skills I’ve LOST since I started here. I looked through the cert book I passed with flying colors. I’m reading through it and half of it is like “OMFG I’ve forgotten all of this”. I’m kinda depressed about my lost skill / knowledge. I want that back damnit!

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