Feb 12 2007

Finding one’s purpose

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Today someone told me that instead of finding one’s purpose to figure out what you need to be doing find the purpose in what you’re doing, and if you can’t find the purpose then you’re not doing the right thing. So with that in mind, I went through a little exercise…

1. Ask Yourself “Who Am I?”

I’m a creator. In everything I’ve ever done my greatest joy comes from the creation of something. Whether it’s creating music, art, code, applications, communities, guilds, I’m a creator. I love creating something that changes people’s lives, either at work or at play.

2. Ask Yourself “What Do I Love To Do?”

Code. I’m a coder. Regardless of what I’ve done I’ve always looked for a software solution to make it even better. I strive on the creation through code or in some cases implementing other people’s code.

3. Ask Yourself “What Experiences In Life Were Really Fulfilling For Me?”

A. Creating Progressive Fitness’ software B. Creating Obsidian C. Creating HILYMI. To my knowledge the software I made over 8 years ago still to this day runs the business Progressive Fitness. Having created something that is running a business and changing lives is so fulfilling. The act of creating Obsidian was a very large process of not just creating a world, but a unique concept of a world (though based on UO), scripting monsters, loot tables, balancing economies, and launching that world and watching it grow. Creating HILYMI has been a large undertaking and continues to be a struggle but every small achievement is fulfilling in it’s own way as I see the guild grow and become a more cohesive community of friends/players.

4. Ask Yourself “What Is My Purpose In Life?”

I think I’m meant to be a game developer or a developer of some piece of software that changes people’s lives. I’m destined to be part of something big, something important. I’ve never failed in creating something I put my mind to. Maybe due to elements outside of my control I created something that didn’t succeed in the end, but I’ve always followed through with something even if I didn’t have the know-how before going into the project.

5. Ask Yourself “What Am I Afraid Of?”

What does this change mean to the long term affect on my life. Am I going to have to move? How is it going to affect my social life, my family life, my overall view and plans of the future? I do always have the nagging sensation in my mind, “can I do it”, but I need to remind myself I’ve never failed at something I put my mind to. Is all of this change worth it in the end and worth the sacrifice of the changes to my life and goals?

6. Ask Yourself “Who Can I Tell?”

I can tell anyone. My life is an open book. Can I tell my boss, I kind of did today which was weird and uncomfortable, but it is what it is. I can and have told my friends and family, of whom all are supportive.

7. Ask Yourself “How Do I Put My Purpose In Place?”

I’m going to start fulfilling my destiny. I’m going to school again at one of the top 5 colleges for game programming. I’ve got connection in my guild who can give me industry contacts and I can start building a network and networking with people in the industry and getting myself known. I plan on writing some sample games showing off my skills.

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