Feb 21 2007


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Today is just plain weird. I’m getting a lot of “Grats!”, “Good for you”, “I’m happy for you”, “I’m proud of you”, “Good luck”, and after all that I also got “You suck” or “Damn you”. Some people were shocked. Some people weren’t surprised at all. Some people were just surprised about the timing. Jacob took it better than I expected, but I think the fact that I’m being flexible with them is why he’s not pissed as hell, though I’m sure he was last night when he heard the news from Brian.

Tonight I get to pee in a cup and I faxed in my signed offer letter and authorization for a background check. I also got in the last of my paperwork for school which is great. I’m pretty excited about all these life changes. The guild is really starting to stabilize now too after the BC instability that all guilds are dealing with.

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