Aug 16 2007

Meh I lost a week

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I lost a week of journal’ing. I don’t know what happened in the last week. Time has flown by so fast.

Well here’s the short and skinny of what’s been going on. Got all my reports done last week for the CIA application. I got really sick this last weekend and I think that’s what caused me to ‘fall off’ the horse if you will. Been spending a lot of time helping Kerrie getting her website rolling. As a company we decided that we’re NOT going to VB.Net but rather C#, which is awesome. As response to that I’ve been converting CIA.Net to C# which currently is done minus a few things and testing. I got my passport turned in finally. Last but certainly not least (does that even apply in this case? meh), Kerrie’s serrogate little brother passed away this week. She’s been a pseduo mess, I think the only thing keeping her together is focusing on the stress of getting to the East coast in time. Once she’s there I think it’ll finally sink in, maybe even on the plane. Tonight I’m taking her to the airport and she won’t be back until the day I’m going up to Seattle for PAX. Life is going by fast right now, all this along with the economy going crazy right now, things are interesting. At least the drama recently in the guild has died down. I’m caught up on Math homework so I should be able to get some good WoW time in this weekend.

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