Aug 31 2007

What came of Bioshock & PAX 2007?

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Brain juices flowing, that’s what!

After succefully surviving another session at DeVry with all A’s while going to PAX during final’s week and being inundated into gaming culture in a way I never have before, I’ve decided along with Vitor, Chindako, DaveUK, Kerrie, and Mike to make a game. I’ve got a good team pulled together, I’ve setup the project management resources, and *GASP* I bought a top of the line laptop for school and development. Vitor has a unique combat system in mind. Brian has the brains and contacts to work out a good story and get us published. DaveUK has unique sound. Kerrie has unqiue art. Mike is going to help with coding and focus testing. I have the project management skills to pull it all together (along with coding). We’ve got a game in mind and if it takes us 2 years to get it out of the door so be it, but we’re going to make a really awesome game.

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