Sep 15 2007

10 Year Reunion… Weird

Published by at 9:34 am

That’s the best way I can describe it… weird. It felt like I was in a time warp conversing with people I hadn’t seen in 10 year, people I vaguely remember, and people who frankly… I don’t give a rats ass about anymore. Everyone was excited to see me, but how come noone kept in touch? I’ve kept the same email address I had since highschool that I included on my signature line in the yearbook, so why happy to see me now? Superficial much? I dunno I had a bunch of good conversations with people who are doing interesting things with their lives, but I dunno it just seemed anti-climactic. On my ride home I couldn’t help but think, damn those are several house I could have been grinding Sori’s levels. If I knew how it went would I go again? Probbaly so, it was interesting, but not what I expected. Although honestly I didn’t have many expectations.

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