Jan 14 2008

Getting serious

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After seeing the continued improvement in my brother’s health from losing weight, I’m getting more and more inspired to do the same. I have one advantage over him in that I have WAY less to lose. I have around 45lbs that I want to lose to get to my target weight of 215 or so. At a height of 6′ even and with a decent muscle build I think 215 will be appropriate for my structure and size. I’ll re-evaluate the target once I get closer but for now I’ll make that my goal. I hope to lose 5 lbs and keep 5 lbs off a month for the next 9 months and that will get me to my goal. Realistically this should be more than doable if I put my mind to it. Ideally if I do keep up with it I should be able to lose faster, but for now I’ll stick with that goal. If I lose faster one month, that won’t change the next month’s goal each month I’ll lose at LEAST 5lbs and keep them off. I’ll make a post at the beginning of each month to track my progress. Since the first lbs are easy to take off I’ll stick with the 5 lbs goal this month since I’m starting mid month.

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