Jan 15 2008

If you plan it, it will come

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Many experts say that those who have a life plan and write it down, 85% are happy with their lives. I’d probaby say that of those 15% those that aren’t happy at least the majory are happy with the direction their life is going. Why? Because they plan.

I’m a planner. I always have been. That’s why I love DeVry so much because the way it’s setup it allows me to plan and track my progress easily. So why haven’t I been planning my road to wieght loss? Because I just hadn’t yet. So now I have. If you look on my links on the navigation bar of my blog, there should be a link to my weight loss spreadsheet.

There it is, black and white (well there’s some color on the graph :-D). But the point is now I am fully planning for the future. I think my plan is realistic too. I’m planning (and counting on) losing quickly then after that I plan on losing at a slower rate. I’ll update this daily and start keeping myself accountable to working out and watching my weight. As I get close to my target I *might* re-evaluate my target weight.

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