Apr 05 2008

Officially hanging up the old Injection Gun

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I am am officially hanging up my Injection Gun. I am a 1 character MMO player. 5 1/2 years 1 character in EQ, 2 yeas in WoW, and 6 months here in TR and I had competed everything there was to complete in 4 slow drawn out months. Unfortunately the Alpha program experience assisted in the ending of my Tabula Rasa career.

I will be hanging out in DAoC with Zald until I get into the Warhammer closed (or eventually open) beta from my Collectors Edition pre-order. Warhammer’s Realm vs Realm was based on DAoC. We’re not going to play it seriously, just for fun and something new and different to do till Warhammer comes out. For me Warhammer has been an obsession of mine for 13+ years now. The new information released about the game recently got me super excited and the re-forming of my old guild has gotten me motivated to move into that universe.

I still will have by account active for another month (my account renewed today). Who knows maybe patches will come out that will keep me active in Tabula Rasa, but I highly doubt it.  For the record: yes those assholes who complain that a game that’s a challenge is stupid and hate raiding… those people ruined the game.

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