Apr 25 2008

Ventrilo 2008-2009 donation drive

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On April 15th I asked the Browncoats and HILYMI for donations for our vent server. Pretty simple, I wanted to pay for a whole year of one of the best vent providers with best codec around for a 32-man server. Donations at first came in rather slowly, then I put up one of those donation Thermometers/Bats and an amazing thing happened.

As of today, April 25th, thanks to the donations from the Browncoats and Hit it like you mean it,¬†we hit our goal. I’m so proud of everyone coming together to pay for a resource that’s outside my normal scope of things I pay for myself (the guild website I offer for free because it’s all lumped into my Dreamhost account).

Oh and we actually went a little above goal, but that’s ok. I’ll keep those funds in the account until we need them again.

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