May 25 2008

Zealot Costume Day #1

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Kerrie and I got the final bits of cloth today for my Warhammer Zealot costume. Kerrie hasn’t begun her Magus costume, because I haven’t finished helping her size her bust thingie. Both of these costumes as well as a Luigi / Daisy costume set are going to Pax 2008 with us.

The skirt part of the costume is going to be composed of three different fabrics with three different color / stitching designs including some really rad gold stitching. The hood is going to be incorporated into the shoulder design which will have feathery looking black faux-fur with two kinds of black feathers. Instead of having a completely bare chest I will be wearing a black sleeveless shirt out of a very cool breathable material (since the rest of the costume will be hot as hell). We have a really neat “belt” that we’ve designed out of a black fake leather which we will be encorporating grommets on the bottom to hang all kinds of crazy stuff like shrunken heads, skulls, bird skulls, and bunches of feathers. Along the top of the belt will be a ribboning of leather with small grommets which will then criss-cross around my chest up over the shoulder pads acting almost like a suspender but also holding down the shoulders. Oh forgot to mention we’re going to incorporate chain into the design and link the two shoulders together across the front of the neck with some chain. Finally the bracers will be made o more black leader coming to a point around my middle finger. My fingers won’t be gloved but will have the gauntlets covering half of the back of my hand. The gauntlets will also have a lot of leather strips wound around them to give them a tight look. The whole costume will come together thanks to some really cool props including a raven skull ring which I’ll be wearing on my right hand middle finger and a realistic human skull replica in my left hand.

The bottom layer of the skirt and the belt were completed today. Some more work needs to be done on both, but they’re mostly complete. Tomorrow, more work on the skirt and the hood.

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