Apr 15 2008

Trying to get our guild into the Closed Beta

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My guild has made a solid commitment to WAR. Most of us (if not all of us I think) already have the Collectors Edition and are eagerly excited to play WAR long term. We want to help with the beta process. Most of us have played MMO’s for years including UO, EQ, AC, Horizons, EQ2, WoW, and many others (depending on the member that is). Many of us have beta’d (is that a word?) many games and really want to help make Warhammer the game to beat all other games, including the infamous WoW. Many of us feel that WoW is only “the best” because there are no well polished alternatives out there… until Warhammer. We’re so excited about the game most of us spend our days trolling the internet for little facts like watching Paul’s Blog, the Newsletter, TenTonHammer interviews, or random YouTube videos.

Many of us right now are wondering around the MMO universes trying out trials and such to get ideas about what elements are good and bad about MMOs. We don’t think there is a single good product on the market that can even hold a candle to Warhammer which is kind of painful because we’re a guild without a universe to call home. We’ve been in this state for almost 6 months now after I left WoW and many did as well. Recently I re-rallied the troops after the announcement of the pre-order for the collector’s edition. Currently we have 30 people committed to WAR and 6 people “on the fence”. From what I’ve heard through the grape vine you’ve recently moved into heavier RvR testing. I think if we were allowed in the beta, we really would be able to test the prowess of 15-20 people coordinating in Ventrilo participating in a siege.

I personally am a 13 year veteran WarHammer collector/painter/gamer, WAR Collector’s Edition owner, veteran news letter subscriber, and have been participating recently in every single contest to try to get into the closed beta myself. I’m trying my hardest to be admitted into the beta, but I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me if I was able to get all troops into the closed beta.

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