Jun 08 2008

Ding 20

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Hit max level tonight in GuildWars and starting to know what the endgame of GuildWars feels like. So far I’m liking it and after getting my first Epic spell last night, I’m seeing how powerful endgame characters can be over people who just hit level 20. Working my way up to ascention which is apprently going to be a semi-arduous task.

I like the inovations that GuildWars put into their game. Endgame is not about gearing up, but rather more so about skilling up. Right now I have around 15 spells per spell circle and my understanding is that there’s around 150 spells per class. Of those I have around 40 or so for the monk. If I were to compare this to Warhammer, I would say that the tactics and renown abilities are equivilent while still having a game that’s a bit… more focused around gear, but not necissarily as heavy as World of Warcraft.

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