Jun 09 2008

Blizzard is copying Warhammer… AGAIN

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Yes Blizzard, it’s ok to admit it. We’re not all stupid. You fear a superior game and to steal some of it’s thunder you’re stealing half of it’s good ideas. I wouldn’t be surprised if we continued to see more ideas and innovations from Warhammer appearing in Wrath of the Liche King. So far you’ve done a great job of copying these things from Warhammer.

Blizzcast = Warhammer Production Podcasts
Gadgetzan Times = Warhammer Online Herald
Epic Siege Warfare = RvR Siege Weapons
Destructible Buildings = Keep Capture (watered down)
WoTLK Achievements = Tome of Knowledge

It’s bad enough that the Warcraft Universe is based on the Warhammer Fantasy Universe dating back to Warcraft 1, but hell we’ll just let that one go. One upping Warhammer before release, that’s just plain dirty. At least I know Blizzard will never steal the living guild system. Blizzard cares too much about making an individual’s E-peen feel bigger than caring about guilds and their community.

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