Jul 14 2008

Warhammer: Age of Drama

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I’m tired of the drama. The game will still be awesome. Shun the unbelievers!

I think for launch it actually makes more sense the more I think about it that there is only 1 pairing and then as the game goes on, they add the other capitals. There can be storyline explanations they can put into why and make a cool launch event when they add the capitals in.

For example Dark elf / High elf pairing, it could be that simply the dark elf/high elf invasion is new…er than the Chaos / Human. Remember the Dark Elves are INVADING high elf lands raiding on a Black Arc. Orcs / Greenskins are more tribal and don’t have LARGE capitals in general. Over time they could come into play. Likewise since those are “newer” invasions as far as storyline maybe the Dark Elves haven’t decided to raid the High Elf city yet or visa versa. Same with Dwarves, maybe they are SOOOO defended that you can’t invade them yet at launch. Likewise you could spin the story where it’s a “need to enter” only restriction on who can enter the capitals. They are PHYSICALLY there you can even see where they are, but you can’t enter. I’ve seen the dark elf capital in screenshots, it’s a HUGE Black Arc (although it could have been a different Black Arc), but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed inside. Maybe you’re not high enough ranking yet, they don’t want you inside.

Regardless, the tier pairings will be there. The content will be there. I hope at launch they get the other 4 classes in ASAP. Then start working on the other capitals one at a time with a few month launch windows between them. Assuming they launch in the fall, I hope they have the classes all in by the end of the year and hope they have all the capitals in by summer 2009 and I’ll be happy.

Regardless of my wants and wishes, I give Mark Jacobs and the entire Mythic Entertainment team props for stepping up and saying something unpopular now rather than wait until launch and try to sweep crap under the rug like Age of Conan did.

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