Feb 16 2009

Relaxing 4 day weekend

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I’ve been really stressed out recently and thought it good to take a nice 4 day weekend. President’s day being Monday, all I had to do was take 1 additional day off and BAM, 4 day weekend here we come. Overall it has been very relaxing and I even took the time to volunteer for Potluck in the Park on Saturday which was my first volunteer work I’ve done in a very long time and first one dealing with the homeless. Besides that I’ve been working hard all weekend with Kerrie on the garden and things in the garden have been looking better and better. All the RnR has been good for me I think. My stress level is lightyears lower than it was last Wednesday. I even got a good bit of gaming in this weekend and finally hit renown rank 31 in Warhammer which means I’m now able to wear my Annihilator gear.

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