Feb 21 2009

Habitat for Humanity Restore

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Today we did our second volunteer work coordinated through IHS, which was volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity’s Restore project. The “Restore” is a country wide program where they take usable used or donated building materials and sell them to the public for reasonable prices and that money they make from it goes toward funding the building of new homes for people in need. The single Restore… store can raise enough money for an average of 2-5 homes a year depending on the volume of donations and work they do. Sometimes even in a renovation project they take part of the products and re-sell those to the public to, so in a sense it’s the most sustainable way to keep usable building materials cycled back into the public. Overall it was fun, but very exhausting! While Kerrie was working in the front of the store setting up shelving for merchandise, I was in the back of the store, in the warehouse setting up the gigantic warehouse shelving that’s 3 stories high and you put product pallets onto. It was a lot of work in REALLY high places and some even crazy work standing on a fork lift 3 stories in the air. Fun stuff! Can’t wait till the next volunteer event.

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