Feb 19 2009

Moving servers

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Wowy zowie batman!

We’ve all known for a while that the overall population of Umgrim has been suffering. We’ve been asking Mythic for a while to merge our server with another one. Well Mythic took it a step further. Starting tomorrow they are offering free server transfers for anyone on Umgrim and 2 other low population servers onto 2 other servers which they hope to be stable in population once this is all done. So collectively via Warhammer Alliance and other boards like UmgrimWarlords, we have made a universal decision for the MAJORITY of the server of Umgrim to move to Iron Rock. This is on very short notice because the move starts… TOMORROW. Yes that’s a big order and a lot of fast communication I need to make to my guild to ensure that everyone all does the work necessary to move their characters to Iron Rock. We have no idea what will happen to people who don’t transfer now so everyone needs to get it done. We’ve communicated via phone calls, text messages, forum PM’s, posts, and emails. Hopefully we’ve reached most everyone. We’ll see how this goes. A little nerve wrecking for sure!

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