Mar 12 2009

Paintball with South and friends

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It has been a LONG time since I played paintball. I was looking forward to it because my brother had given me his old (but good) paintball gun which I was looking forward to using this evening. Unfortunately after John looked at the gun, it needs a little bit more equipment and I need to get my own O2 tank and other supporting equipment like I dunno… A FRICKIN HOPPER. Well anyhow, we had a good time. Shot through almost half a case of paint and played for around 3-4 hours. My legs are killing me, my welts are sore, but overall we had a fantastic time. Other than one particular instance of getting LIT up by balls at the start of a match, I was pretty consistent in only getting shot in the head (which as they say, that means I’m doing it right). Was glad to meet South’s friends and would be happy to hang out with them again. It would be good to expand my extended network of friends outside online gaming.

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