Mar 29 2009

42 new recruits since Friday

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Yes, 42 new recruits and we have more potentially through referrals.

Now that we have a more active player base, I really need to put some fires under the asses of the officers. Either they need to step up and start organizing events or I need to find new officers. I busted my ass to reignite the fire in HILYMI, they need to make sure to keep the coals red hot and not let them die from lack of attention. I will continue to recruit through the week. My hope is to have around 100 unique members by the end of the week. Some recruits won’t make it, but then again I do know that with the surge of new people, a lot of current members will step out of the darkness. Worst case scenario, I will be able to recruit a few more if we drop below that number.

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