Apr 02 2009

70 or so recruits and falling

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So when you make a large cake, you gotta break some eggs. I’ve recruited to the breaking point of being able to track all of them and now that I’ve hit that breaking point, I’m taking a break to see how all these new recruits pan out. There’s a LOT of potential in a lot of the recruits, but I was still shocked to find out several left today. I probably shouldn’t be shocked, all of them except 1 hadn’t even posted on our website yet. Amazingly, one quit after I told him to make a post. He replied to my request with a /gquit and told me “uuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. ¬†Sorry man I’m just not into commitment”.

Amazing I gotta tell you, what’s MMOs coming to. In a way I kind of miss the days of EQ where people respected their relationship with their guild and when guilds were almost a requirement to play the game past level 20. Oh well. In the end even if half the recruits make it we’ll be better off. In about a month I’ll go through another recruitment drive. I like this recruit at the end/beginning of the month because it’s easy to keep track of when recruits recruitment period is over. We’re averaging about 18-20 people on every night. Hopefully that number stays constant. In about a month we’ll have that many 30-40 members online and Bastion Stair well become our nightly mistress. Like they say “let the bodies hit the floor”!

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