Apr 11 2009

It’s good to be coding again

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I’ve been coding all day today and all last night. Yes, I’ve been coding on a Friday and Saturday pretty much. It’s so good to be coding again. I got the site converted over to using the newest blue print from Kenyon’s team and going forward on starting to build out the skeleton of the site as well as doing some proof of concept moving data from the Entity Framework up through the WCSF layers and presented in a loosely coupled way on the user interface. So far everything has been fun and exciting and even fixed a few bugs on the master page / CSS while I was at it.

Next week I think my focus will be the database. I don’t want to go too far into development before doing a redesign of the database. Any good data application starts at the database and works it’s way up. Although I can start from the UI and go down. Either way the middle two layers need to wait until the bottom is built appropriately.

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