Apr 14 2009

New Database Design

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Really made headway today on the new database design.

I’m starting by dumping all the completely useless tables which drive the UI part of the old UI framework. I’m also consolidating a bunch of tables that are uselessly 1 to 1 for no good reason. For example user data is spared out between about 12 different tables and user privileges are sparsed out in about 10 different tables. I think that we’re going to go with a fundamental redesign of roles and rights in the software, so for now I’m simply dropping those tables and compressing the user tables into the 3 or so tables that need to exist. From there I’ll start converting the easy stuff, mostly correcting logical problems with table relations, clean up PK, FK, Tables, and Column names. Oh and also dropping all the SP’s and Views since those won’t be necessary anymore once we start using the Entity Framework. I will of course look at the old database for purpose of learning some of the SP logic to keep that in the new development, but it’s not necessary in a project LakeView database.

My hope is to have the majority of the database redesigned by the end of the week or at least cleaned up so I can import the current database into VISIO, map out the entities in a clean way, and have a good ERD discussion with Gloski and Michael, possibly comparing it to the way the EPA, the EU, and most importantly how customers think of the data.

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