Apr 13 2009

Project LakeView

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As Michael and I continue to develop the business case, drivers, and road map for the upcoming project, Michael made the suggestion that we give it a code name: LakeView.  I think it’s kind of neat to be using code names because that means I can talk about it in a more concrete named fashion without giving it a version number or using the infamous word that seems to scare people the “R” word.

I’m really excited about Michael’s enthusiasm to the project and he even brought up some other business drivers I hadn’t even thought about. I mean I was mostly doing this for three purposes: fix architecture issues that cause new feature implementation to be painful and slow, drive up customer delight, and fix other architecture problems that makes hosting multiple customers on one machine near to impossible. Michael piled about 10 other BIG things on top of that along with all my smaller bullet points that explain my main drivers. He also pointed out initiatives he needs for the software in the coming years and those initiatives would be near to impossible on the current architecture.

At this point we just need to communicate our new plan up the chain of command and get buy in from key stakeholders. Michael is going to drive approval up the business side of the organization. Gloski for example is a key stakeholder who needs to feel comfortable about the plan since he does carry the pulse of the customer. My job is to get full buy-in from the IT organization: Andrew, Tim, all the way up the ladder.

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