Sep 24 2011

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

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Well, I think I might end up blogging more often. Tonight, I finally got myself a smartphone and it’s got a really nice sliding out keyboard. I got a worpress app installed and BAM here I am blogging again in over a year. Lol.

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Jun 28 2010

Been a crazy month

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So there goes my posting 3 times a week blown right out of the water. ūüôĀ Missed 2 whole weeks of blogging due to my vacation.

We went on a big hiking, fishing, photo safari, camping trip for my birthday and since then we’ve been playing catch up. All the while the guild has not been doing well and I’ve been struggling to get us back on our feet. It’s been going ok, just not the sunshine and rainbows I had hoped for. Aric and Amanda ended up leaving on me which ended up being a pretty devastating blow to our raid force.

Anyhow the highlight of the month definitely was our trip and sadly so much happened including a 3 mile hike through the blue basin, catching 18 fish, and generally having an amazing time… I just am having a hard time with blogging about it all after our vacations. So one idea I had was that on future trips I would blog every night with the digital video camera and post those blog postings as video blogs when I get back. I think that approach would definitely keep things moving so that way I don’t so easily fall off the horse when I go on vacation. In general I’m going to try to include more videos in my blog. I’ve been getting a ton of high definition video in the last year since we got the video camera and I’d love to share them with everyone.

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May 07 2010

25man vs 10man

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With recent news about Cataclysm’s revamped views on raiding (, there has been questions recently in the guild regarding whether we should continue forward as a 25 man raid guild of stay a small, focused 10 man raid guild.

While in some ways I say getting to 25 man size has been a bit drama inducing, once we get to the 25 man size, there will be significantly less drama than there has been recently. Fact is that much of the drama recently has been due to people not being able to get into raids, either due to only one 10 man running or the logistical nightmare of running dual 10 mans and failing at it.

In 25 mans, you get better loot distribution because generally you have one of every class at the raid. This means there is little to no chance of gear getting sharded and in turn progression is a lot smoother because weeks don’t go by where no one (or very few) get an upgrade. In 25 man, many people get upgrades because everyone can use something. Sure it makes loot distribution more complicated, but if you have a nice loot system like ours (which has turned out very nicely), then loot is distributed fairly with little to no drama.

Another thing too, if we just give up on the idea of doing 25 mans for cataclysm, then I would have been A. lying to all these people I’ve been recruiting recently that I plan on continuing to move the guild forward as a 25 man raid guild B. would be forced to say goodbye to many people who will not be happy in a guild that reserves itself to always being a 10 man guild and C. the guild would have to shrink a lot, to as little as 20-25 people (it’s around 88 right now) before we get to the point where there will be no drama.

Finally, I think that running a small group of 10 people, while that sounds fun… it’s pretty boring after a while. I’m sure that it’s fun for those who are progressing right now and pushing 10 man content with almost the same 10 people every week, but if you did that for an entire expansion… it would just get old. People would crave that 25 man content feeling. I know I would. My class isn’t built for 10 mans. I might as well reserve myself to always being shadow if we decide to give up on 25 mans or switch to Disc instead of Holy.

I feel we should stick with the plan to move to 25 man raiding. It’s definitely a major goal I’ve been striving for as a guild leader.

BLOG NEWS: On a side note, I’m going to try to blog at least Monday / Wednesday / Friday for now.

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Feb 04 2009

Anyone still reading?

Work has been seriously draining on my as I’ve moved into my role as manager of software development for ecoAsset Manager. Many things including learning more about the product to leadership training and in general getting more used to the big corporate processes and procedures of IHS. I’ve been really deeply involved in the migration of all of our code from the Mountain View office as well as Salt Lake City from their old source control onto TFS. On my product specifically, I’ve been doing a mix of prototyping different technology stacks including WCSF with MVP vs .Net MVC and LINQ to SQL vs LINQ to Entities.

Family and health have been ok, family more so than health. I’ve been really stressed out recently and that’s really affected my health a lot since Chron’s flare ups are more likely during times of stress. I’ve been learning how to deal with the stress better and started recently going to the chiropractor which has helped with shoulder and neck strains from stress.

While Warhammer has been fun, I really haven’t had nearly enough time to play it because when I get home I’m so tired / stressed out that I can’t think. The¬†good news¬†is that I love my new boss more and more every day which helps with my stress level. My team is really starting to come together and become more integrated and used to working with each other. Overall while things have been stressful and insane, I see them getting better and hope that things will improve over time.

NOTE: Posted some backdated blog posts which I kept in emails to myself.

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Aug 15 2008

Back to the old blog title

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Yeah yeah, call me indecisive. Now that I’m officially a manager within a global, public corporation… I think having a blog titled “O RLY, YA RLY, NO WAIH” isn’t very professional. I’ll still keep the blog’s original intention in place, this is my mental break place where I collect my thoughts. It will continue to be witty, crazy, and filled with gaming stuff. I just wanted to¬†maintain a pseudo professional ring to it.

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Jul 02 2008

New Blog Title

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When someone quotes your blog with the message

CyberVic – less creepy than it sounds.”

It’s time for a change of blog title. The other day I made a really awesome Lord of Change using the spore creature creator. Well in the Waaaagh! Blog’s News Blogs and Sites updates, they described me as quoted above. I don’t blame them, but it did make me want to spring into action. I’ve been thinking pretty hard for over a week now and came up with a somewhat witty title and encompases my blog pretty well. “Thoughts of an MMO Gamer” with the subtitle “By Victor F. Laurence: Programmer, Analyst, Learner, Leader, Gamer”. Basically I removed CyberVic out of the title all togehter and put my name in the subtitle.

EDIT: After thinking more on it this weekend I decided on “O Rly?! Ya Rly! No Wai!!!” with the subtitle “A witty, random, and sometimes serious blog by Victor F. Laurence”.

Jun 05 2008

Image courtesy of

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My dad is an excellent photographer. I would call him a hobbiest, but his skill in digital and traditional photography is on a professional level. He’s been featured a couple of times in magazines and has received several awards for his photos. His best work (IMO) has to be nature (still¬†life and active nature shots)¬†and city scape shots, although he’s getting better and better at capturing people.

When I chose this theme for my blog I told myself that I would replace the default seashore image at the top with one that my dad has taken. So last night, after asking his permission, we looked around at his photos and cropped one appropriately for the scene you now see at the top of my blog. If you are interested in more of his work you can find him at (which is also linked to in my blogroll).

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Jun 03 2008

Do I have an audience?

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I’ve been blogging since 2005. Over the years I’ve run a personal blog, a professional blog, and some gaming blogs. I got tired of blogging in so many places that if you are a reader of my blog you know that about a month ago I merged everything “under one roof” so to speak. Now that I’ve merged so many of my different blogs into one place, I am now forced to ask myself… do I have an audience? Has the merging of my content into one blog helped or hurt my ability to advertise and get comments on some of the things I blog about?

I originally made my blog for my own memory keeping purposes, but I wonder if this has changed. Do people care about the things I’m blogging about? I’m sure my guild cares about some of the guild blogging I do, but does the general public care about some of the leadership blogging that I do or general gaming blogging. Should I blog about game reviews more? I’m not sure anymore.

So in an effort to answer the question “Do people care?”, I head out to WarhammerAlliance.Com to ask the writers out there for feedback. Maybe people do care and I just haven’t ever bothered to advertise my blog. Maybe I should. I await their comments.

So if you’re reading this. What’s your opinion of my blog and should I bother advertising it?

May 30 2008

Blog Customization Complete

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I’m finally pleased with my site. I got the Google ads doing what I want them to do. I have a Google site search implemented (better search than the built in WordPress searching). I installed a collapsing category and archives plug-in and now have those situated in the right place on my blog. I made custom “clean page” template for the static pages on my blog like About, Resume, Videos,¬†etc. A while back I cleaned up some encoding problems with about half of my posts. I’ve now categorized all my blog posts and have multiple category tags. I expanded my blog roll to include all the blogs, comics, MySpace’s, and other such content I check regularly.

Most importantly, I’m very happy with my blog and have been blogging every day again. It’s a lot faster for me to blog using WordPress. Thanks to the additional features of WordPress, I’m even more motivated to blog because now I can go back and re-read my thoughts more easily than using LiveJournal.

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May 16 2008

More Ad-Nonsense / Blogroll

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Did more tweaks to my ad-sense. The front page and the static pages, I’m now using referral, category based, chosen advertisements which I think is appropriate (stuff people who read my blog *might* actually care about). All other pages like category, specific posts, or by month archive pages will pull their content using the AdSense engine (choosing ads based on content on the page). My hope is that this blog eventually pays for itself by covering the yearly cost of DreamHost hosting through AdSense advertisements, all while not being too overly annoying to my readers. Again, the ads I’m presenting are either content sensitive or they are chosen categories by me that I think you care about.

Also added a bunch of more links to my blog-roll including the *Mighty* Paul Barnett and one of his partners in crime, Josh Drescher (both from Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning).

EDIT: You know what, those category chosen ads stink. Switching back to just content sensitive based ads. They seem to be more reliable over time for delivering advertisments that matter based on content on my blog.

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