Sep 02 2008

PAX 2008

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This weekend I was at PAX 2008 meeting Jeff Hickman, Paul Barnett, Josh Drescher, and James Nichols from Mythic Entertainment. I got my picture with Paul and Jeff (while wearing Paul’s signature shades), signatures from Paul, Jeff, & Josh, and an “Elder Beta Tester” T-Shirt from James. I was spending so much time at the Warhammer booth showing off the game to other people at the convention that Jeff even joked “Give this guy a job”. Some of the other people who were paid to be there to demo the game were learning things from me. When Warhammer had it’s official presentation at the event, it was SOOOOO packed and overflowing that they had to cut the presentation in half and do it twice back to back “in fear of a riot” if they didn’t.

Back in June, I blogged about seeing a preview on Paul’s video blog showing the new Lord of Change model. When I met Jeff and Paul this weekend, I asked them directly about the new model. Jeff assured me that while there are still several different Lords of Change in the game there is one which is the “impressive looking one” which I believed he said was in the Lost Veil. I was rather pleased to hear about this and went on my merry way. Later on in the day I was showing some people the Inevitable City. Well upon zoning into the Inevitable City, I ran into none other than the Lord of Change. This was expected, but unexpectidly, he looked truly amazing. Just like I would expect with huge wings, 3 stories high, white robes, golden staff, and all the little details. Later on in the day I told Jeff that I saw him and was impressed. He was glad to hear that.

Speaking of glad to hear about it, I showed Paul where he could put in another “plunger of the world”, a location near the chaos starting area that he didn’t know about. He was rather pleased that I found it and said he’d get one put in.

Overall it was a fantastic event. It was kinda “meh” for me though because I was so excited about WAR and talking with people about WAR that nothing other than the concerts were really all that interesting. Spore was pretty amazing though as well as the One Ups, Johnathan Coulton, and Will Weaton. The World of Warcraft and other Blizzard BOOTHS (yes plural) made me giggle. Tabula Rasa and Guild Wars booths also had a brief visit by me.

There will be WAR starting September 14th. Oh yes and HILYMI will reign again!

May 26 2008

Zealot Costume Day #2

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Worked further on the skit today and the hood. I worked on cleaning up stitching details on the skirt while Kerrie worked on stitching up the hood and working on the middle front layer of the skirt… err I mean manly kilt thing… yeah. Anyhow things are coming a long quite nicely, when appropriate we’re using simple looking stitching, but in other places that should be more elaborate, we’re using really complicated “magical” looking stitching with metalic gold thread. The whole thing is really coming together looking rather professional.

Now I just wish I could lose some weight… /sigh. Looking at myself on camera taking progress photos made me realize how big I really am. I need to get back on the weight loss horse.

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May 25 2008

Zealot Costume Day #1

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Kerrie and I got the final bits of cloth today for my Warhammer Zealot costume. Kerrie hasn’t begun her Magus costume, because I haven’t finished helping her size her bust thingie. Both of these costumes as well as a Luigi / Daisy costume set are going to Pax 2008 with us.

The skirt part of the costume is going to be composed of three different fabrics with three different color / stitching designs including some really rad gold stitching. The hood is going to be incorporated into the shoulder design which will have feathery looking black faux-fur with two kinds of black feathers. Instead of having a completely bare chest I will be wearing a black sleeveless shirt out of a very cool breathable material (since the rest of the costume will be hot as hell). We have a really neat “belt” that we’ve designed out of a black fake leather which we will be encorporating grommets on the bottom to hang all kinds of crazy stuff like shrunken heads, skulls, bird skulls, and bunches of feathers. Along the top of the belt will be a ribboning of leather with small grommets which will then criss-cross around my chest up over the shoulder pads acting almost like a suspender but also holding down the shoulders. Oh forgot to mention we’re going to incorporate chain into the design and link the two shoulders together across the front of the neck with some chain. Finally the bracers will be made o more black leader coming to a point around my middle finger. My fingers won’t be gloved but will have the gauntlets covering half of the back of my hand. The gauntlets will also have a lot of leather strips wound around them to give them a tight look. The whole costume will come together thanks to some really cool props including a raven skull ring which I’ll be wearing on my right hand middle finger and a realistic human skull replica in my left hand.

The bottom layer of the skirt and the belt were completed today. Some more work needs to be done on both, but they’re mostly complete. Tomorrow, more work on the skirt and the hood.

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Dec 03 2007

Holiday Party

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My first Dolphin Holiday party was on Friday and it was a blast. Sophisticated, but fun and plenty of “family belonging” with the Dolphin team. I think the slideshow was the best part of the whole evening and the awards cerimony. It was VERY well done and I’m really happy with some of the people who got awards.

Overall it was a great weekend topped off with a weather challenging weekend for Kerrie at Saturday market. The weekend ended with me doing apprently horrible on my statistics test. If I really focus hard I can still pull off an A in the class. If I get a B, oh well. I’ll still have a super sexy grade point average. 15 A’s so far and 1 B is not anything to scoff at.

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Sep 15 2007

10 Year Reunion… Weird

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That’s the best way I can describe it… weird. It felt like I was in a time warp conversing with people I hadn’t seen in 10 year, people I vaguely remember, and people who frankly… I don’t give a rats ass about anymore. Everyone was excited to see me, but how come noone kept in touch? I’ve kept the same email address I had since highschool that I included on my signature line in the yearbook, so why happy to see me now? Superficial much? I dunno I had a bunch of good conversations with people who are doing interesting things with their lives, but I dunno it just seemed anti-climactic. On my ride home I couldn’t help but think, damn those are several house I could have been grinding Sori’s levels. If I knew how it went would I go again? Probbaly so, it was interesting, but not what I expected. Although honestly I didn’t have many expectations.

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Aug 31 2007

What came of Bioshock & PAX 2007?

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Brain juices flowing, that’s what!

After succefully surviving another session at DeVry with all A’s while going to PAX during final’s week and being inundated into gaming culture in a way I never have before, I’ve decided along with Vitor, Chindako, DaveUK, Kerrie, and Mike to make a game. I’ve got a good team pulled together, I’ve setup the project management resources, and *GASP* I bought a top of the line laptop for school and development. Vitor has a unique combat system in mind. Brian has the brains and contacts to work out a good story and get us published. DaveUK has unique sound. Kerrie has unqiue art. Mike is going to help with coding and focus testing. I have the project management skills to pull it all together (along with coding). We’ve got a game in mind and if it takes us 2 years to get it out of the door so be it, but we’re going to make a really awesome game.

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Aug 16 2007

Meh I lost a week

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I lost a week of journal’ing. I don’t know what happened in the last week. Time has flown by so fast.

Well here’s the short and skinny of what’s been going on. Got all my reports done last week for the CIA application. I got really sick this last weekend and I think that’s what caused me to ‘fall off’ the horse if you will. Been spending a lot of time helping Kerrie getting her website rolling. As a company we decided that we’re NOT going to VB.Net but rather C#, which is awesome. As response to that I’ve been converting CIA.Net to C# which currently is done minus a few things and testing. I got my passport turned in finally. Last but certainly not least (does that even apply in this case? meh), Kerrie’s serrogate little brother passed away this week. She’s been a pseduo mess, I think the only thing keeping her together is focusing on the stress of getting to the East coast in time. Once she’s there I think it’ll finally sink in, maybe even on the plane. Tonight I’m taking her to the airport and she won’t be back until the day I’m going up to Seattle for PAX. Life is going by fast right now, all this along with the economy going crazy right now, things are interesting. At least the drama recently in the guild has died down. I’m caught up on Math homework so I should be able to get some good WoW time in this weekend.

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Feb 17 2007

Prius Day

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Today was not only Portland HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) Meetup, but they were also doing a big hybrid event downtown at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The meetup was cool because we talked a lot about different things like features, compared cars, configurations, etc. There was even a Camry owner there so we got to see that one. The event downtown was neat because not only was it fact filled and entertaining but I got a flashlight that is human powered (it charges with momentum across a coil) and Kerrie got a tree planted in her name. Overall it was a fun day and I learned that there’s no real reason I should be jealous about 2007’s after talking with some of the toyota people there.

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Mar 17 2006

Happy St. Paddy’s

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Yes it’s the day of Guinness, Baily’s, and Irish drunken frivolity. After work, Kerrie and I went down to the Kell’s Irish festival, got the T-Shirt, had plenty of fresh off the roast, roast beef sandwiches, a Guinness, and enjoyed good music. I got to hear my favorite Kell’s band is extra luster up in the across the street tent. I talked for a while with my favorite bar tender who was part of even coordination/security tonight. Oddly, shortly after that I felt fulfilled and needed a change of scene. We tried to get into the pub to check out what was going on in there but even with a bracelet the line was atrocious. So we walked to Voodoo Donuts and I had one of their Oreo cookie donuts. Sure the night of drinking ended early but I think that I did enjoy myself and got my fill of this fantastic Irish holiday.

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Mar 12 2006

Best Concert Ever

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Berbati’s Pan is a venue I’ve never been to before so right away it was a new and cool experience. After scoping the place realized that they were selling LP’s of the She Wants Revenge album so I picked it up for $15 bucks. There were 2 bands on before SWR that where pretty good but when SWR finally hit the stage the crowd went wild. They did the entire album including “Why can’t I just spend the night” and “Run, Run, Run”, which apparently “Run, Run, Run” was the first song they ever wrote even before they thought they were going to be a band. After the show Adam (piano player/base player) signed my album “Victor, very nice to meet you!” with his name and SWR at the bottom. I’m going to frame it and put it on the wall here at work. I got tons of pictures and videos of the concert that I’ll have to get online later. It was from my shitty camera phone, but hey better than nothing.

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