Feb 06 2006

Sinus issues continued

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Yes, I’m suffering still from my sinuses kicking me in the ass. Thankfully I think I figured out why I’m having all these issues. It’s the stupid fake tree that was in the storage space that I moved into my bedroom mid December. Since then I’ve been off and on having sinus issues. I think it’s coated in dust or some other nasty thing that my body doesn’t like breathing in at night. Last night at 4:00 I couldn’t stop coughing so I removed it from my room and almost immediately upon returning to the room I could breathe better. We’ll see how I do tonight. I’m hoping I feel better because I’ve got a seminar on SQL2005 at 7:30 in the morning.

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Jan 29 2006

Tickets Purchased

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Sat 3/11/2006 9:00PM
She Wants Revenge @ Berbati’s Pan

Thanks to 947.fm I pre-ordered my ticket early and I can’t wait till Tuesday when their album comes out officially. On my lunch break I’m heading to the nearest store that has it on the shelves and picking it up. It’s going to be entertaining to see how fast the tickets for the “I saw them when… show #12” is going to sell out.

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Jan 01 2006

Happy New Year

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So even though it was last minute, I still got into the 15th Annual Champagne Ball. It was a fantastic, high class good time. I ended up having 4 completely different drinks at the Martini Bar and of course the classic glass of champagne at Midnight. The best part was that there was a very cute tiny brunette named Melissa which I successfully got my first New Years midnight kiss (her first too). 15 seconds before midnight I gestured with my hands and worded with my mouth *you*, *me*, *kiss* and she nodded and worded “oooohhh hell yeah”. It just wasn’t any kiss, it was a fantastic, tongue and all kiss for a good 30 seconds. She and I seem to have quite a bit in common, hell while we were in line for our glasses of champagne we stood there and chatted about hand held pc’s like the next generation Treo. After the whole midnight celebration we went back to our table, chatted, grabbed pizza, and she sat on my lap. She had to leave about 1:00 with Matt and his wife, but I got her number and she gave me a kiss on cheek the saying to me, “You really made my new years the best ever”. Interesting side thought, I am beginning to realize what I thought was my type isn’t. I mean for example I used to seriously be hung up on height, but I’m really more and more eyeballing the sexy numbers in tiny packages.

1. Stick to my workout, my midsection is the last place to refine
2. Quit EverQuest (Time is money friend. EQ is a BIG waste of time)
3. Actually figure out what I like/dislike about women and write it down
4. Don’t care what women think and make success with them happen for me
5. Get my MCAD because I deserve that cert
6. Focus on my career and get the pay I deserve

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Dec 06 2005

PSU Tsipa Opera Performance

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Was invited to a performance at PSU where Tsipa had a lead role in the opening piece. It was basically 6 or 7 little 10-15 minute opera scenes combing to about an hour and a half. Tspia did quite well as well as about 4 of the other performers. Some of the other students clearly need to hone their skills more but who knows they could be Freshman vs the others that caught our ear/eye might be the Seniors about to graduate fro ma 4 year degree. Regardless Tsipa did amazingly well and I GOT PICTURES. Some came out quite well which was amazing considering her part and how when I’d have a perfect shot she’s move out of frame.

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