May 31 2010

Kerrie’s first fish

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So over the weekend, focused on 3 main things. Fishing, entering Geo-cache entries from our Astoria trip (57 of them plus TB’s), and spending time with Kerrie and the rest of my local family at a memorial day BBQ.

Saturday was an homage to fishing. It was Kerrie’s first fishing trip with her own licence and new 2-6 lbs micro action fishing pole. We spent the morning cleaning and then headed out to Harriet lake, picking up the Oregon / Washington National Forrest annual pass along the way. We got some stunning views and I think in a way the drive was almost as enjoyable as the fishing. Estacada lake especially looked beautiful as we wondered about how awesome it would be to have our first boating experience there.

When we got the Harriet, it was crowded and tiny, so we continued forth to Timothy Lake. I quickly got my bearings and then we settled in at the usual doc spot where Dad, Ray, and I used to fish. We got setup, tested our fish finder finally (yeah it works), and then started fishing. The day started off slow, but once they started biting we landed 6 fish in pretty short order. After we got home at almost 10:00, I cleaned and prep’ed the fish for Sunday night’s dinner. Sunday Kerrie cooked them bone / skin on, I cleaned them off the bone after cooking, and man was it good eats.

Oh and I’m never going back to Faraday. That lake sucks.

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May 28 2010

Return of Gnarsokar

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So after the massive guild kick fest on Tuesday (which I blogged about on Wednesday), one shining light on the guild was finally the return of Gnarsokar to our raids!

After a grueling month and half of dealing with a semi-serious medical issue, my brother is back in tip-top shape. We did IceCrown Citadel Deathbringer through Putricide and not only did he do good, I think he played better that night than he had before he got sick. He and everyone else had a really great time. I think it was a good morale boost for the guild. I hope that next Tuesday goes as smoothly so we can keep up the good momentum.

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Jan 20 2010

Geocaching, HILYMI, painting, and getting caught up

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Been a long time since I blogged and I think that I will start doing so again more often. It’s a great way for me to get things off my mind and recently I’ve been very stressed out. Fortunately I’ve had a good avenue for channeling my stress… WoW. Of course WoW has it’s own stresses, especially since I’m managing HILYMI again (thanks to my guildies who pulled me back), but overall I think I’m taking a more stress free approach this time and enjoying the game.

The holidays were good and my niece, Ms. Rachiepants, has been growing sooooo much. The little tike is already running around and being a trouble maker. I love seeing here every week when I go over to Rays. It seems like every week she’s doing something or saying something new.

Kerrie and I have been doing quite well. Thanks to some assistance with a counselor, we’ve been more focused on quality time with each other and balancing “me time” with “us time”. We’ve also been exploring more and more things to do together including painting, more and more cooking together, and our latest new activity: geocaching. Expect a lot of blogs soon about geocaching, painting, and of course HILYMI. We also have several camping and other trips scheduled in 2010 so it’s going to be a very eventful, thankfully in a good way, relaxing year for us. 2009 was very stressful and it will be nice to enjoy 2010.

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Oct 25 2009


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Friday drive in the storming rain
Friday ceremony
“Always Ready”
Saturday, Hurricane Ridge and the drive there
Sunday, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Packwood (jo jo’s), Hood River, Mt. Hood, Timberline Lodge, homeward bound

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Jul 24 2009

Been a crazy quarter

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So I don’t think I can begin to write everything that’s happened in the last two months so I’ll keep it short to a bullited list. To sum things up, we did a lot, many things were accomplished, we got very tired, we are just now catching up to a semi-normal (for us anyways) way of life.

  • End of April / beginning of May made offers on the Pasadena house we were renting
  • May 15th, found out that it was a no-deal with our x-landlord, started searching on our own for a new house
  • May 16th, got a realtor (Lynn Cumberland, refered from Brad Hansleman who was refered by Mark Nortman), did drive-bys on the first huge set of houses
  • May 17th, did walk throughs of the first set of houses
  • May 18th, made a deal on Derry Lane house
  • May 20th, no-deal on Derry Lane, went on to search for more
  • May 21st, through drive by’s and other things shortened 3 lists of 50+ houses down to 12
  • May 23rd, saw all new houses and fell in love with Cougar Place, made an offer
  • May 24th, we had an accepted offer
  • May 27th, home inspection
  • June 3rd, had appraisal
  • June 6th, we got boxes and the packing begins!
  • June 11th, FHA docs to sign
  • June 15th, notice to Pasadena landlord
  • June 22nd, my 30th birthday
  • June 23rd, conditional approval
  • June 26th, final approval
  • June 29th, signing
  • June 30th, closing and got our keys at 7:30 PM PST
  • June 30th – July 4th, move-in of delicate items
  • July 3rd, our fridge arrived
  • July 4th, rewired / upgraded our ethernet in the house
  • July 5th, the big move in thans to UHaul and A+ Student Movers
  • July 6th, our washer/dryer arrived and comcast got us setup
  • July 6th, my final term of my Bachelor’s degree begins
  • July 7th – July 11th, move of final items including plants
  • July 11th, final cleaning
  • July 13th, move out inspection
  • July 16th, saw Dave Bixel, a tax professional that works with Mark Nortman (our financial advisor)
  • July 18th, went fishing
  • July 19th, painting in Kerrie’s office is compelte
  • July 20th, life returns to a semi-state of normal

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Jun 30 2009

Home ownership

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Mission complete… very tired right now… to be filled later…

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Mar 06 2009

Kerrie Family Day #3

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Historic villages, frozen custard, family all together including Kerrie’s Mom (minus Brian), pictures, good byes.

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Mar 05 2009

Kerrie’s Family Day #2

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Jersey 5 & 10, driving around town, Atlantic City, The Taj, Rockin’ the Caspa, Sights, Smells, Sounds, driving down Ocean Drive, seeing Kerrie’s old stomping grounds including driving by Breonna’s old house, walking the board walk, nothing is open damnit!, finally went back to Kirk’s Pizza for steak & cheese hoggie, finally spent several hours in the eve with Kerrie’s Grandparents, saw Aunt for a few minutes.

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Mar 04 2009

Kerrie’s Family Day #1

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More Wawa, goddamn toll money, Jersey Diner, pork roll, meeting family: Grandparents, Aunt / cousins, chineese food, Dad, Brother

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Feb 18 2009

Gears of War

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Ray decided to pick up Gears of War 2 at Circuit City’s closing sale. So we decided today to finally polish off the orignal Gear of War. I have to admit that the story leading up to the end of the game was very good, but the storyline of the final chapter of the story didn’t really make sense at all to be frank. What my big complaint about the end of Gears of War was that the transition into the final chapter and the final chapter itself didn’t seem storyline rich enough. It was almost like they planned for more of a game originally, but ran out of budget and the final chapter suffered for it. Also the final boss fight was frankly pathetic. There were 2-3 other boss fights in the game which were much more epic in nature than that final one. In fact the whole train section of the game just seemed… I dunno… lame. We played the first chapter of Gears of War 2 and I have to admit, I’m very pleased with the storyline. I especially like the little bits from the point of view of the aliens. We’ll see how it goes, I have high hopes for Gears 2.

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