Jun 28 2010

Been a crazy month

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So there goes my posting 3 times a week blown right out of the water. 🙁 Missed 2 whole weeks of blogging due to my vacation.

We went on a big hiking, fishing, photo safari, camping trip for my birthday and since then we’ve been playing catch up. All the while the guild has not been doing well and I’ve been struggling to get us back on our feet. It’s been going ok, just not the sunshine and rainbows I had hoped for. Aric and Amanda ended up leaving on me which ended up being a pretty devastating blow to our raid force.

Anyhow the highlight of the month definitely was our trip and sadly so much happened including a 3 mile hike through the blue basin, catching 18 fish, and generally having an amazing time… I just am having a hard time with blogging about it all after our vacations. So one idea I had was that on future trips I would blog every night with the digital video camera and post those blog postings as video blogs when I get back. I think that approach would definitely keep things moving so that way I don’t so easily fall off the horse when I go on vacation. In general I’m going to try to include more videos in my blog. I’ve been getting a ton of high definition video in the last year since we got the video camera and I’d love to share them with everyone.

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Jun 07 2010

I was “on a boat”

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To be filled out.

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Jun 04 2010

Gnar, Sindragosa, Boating

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Well as predicted, Wednesday we one shot Sindragosa then since then we’ve been doing attempts on Sindragosa. This includes apparently tonight. Upon Ray and I long on, ready to do ToGC, we find out that we’re A. continuing attempts on Sindragosa and next week we are extending the lock out so that way if we don’t down her tonight we will down her on Tuesday and focus all next week on Lich King.

Kinda crazy, not usual fair for the guild, but I like it. I also like that other officers took charge a bit on the decision making on all this. My hope is that Gnar performs well. He’s only been back for a week now after being gone for close to two months.

OH, also our boat arrived yesterday. Tomorrow we plan to be out on the water trying out for the first time and I have a fly fishing class I’m going to. My goal is of course to improve my casting so will focus on that. Goal of boating is just getting used to the new boat and developing systems operating and using it with Kerrie.

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May 31 2010

Kerrie’s first fish

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So over the weekend, focused on 3 main things. Fishing, entering Geo-cache entries from our Astoria trip (57 of them plus TB’s), and spending time with Kerrie and the rest of my local family at a memorial day BBQ.

Saturday was an homage to fishing. It was Kerrie’s first fishing trip with her own licence and new 2-6 lbs micro action fishing pole. We spent the morning cleaning and then headed out to Harriet lake, picking up the Oregon / Washington National Forrest annual pass along the way. We got some stunning views and I think in a way the drive was almost as enjoyable as the fishing. Estacada lake especially looked beautiful as we wondered about how awesome it would be to have our first boating experience there.

When we got the Harriet, it was crowded and tiny, so we continued forth to Timothy Lake. I quickly got my bearings and then we settled in at the usual doc spot where Dad, Ray, and I used to fish. We got setup, tested our fish finder finally (yeah it works), and then started fishing. The day started off slow, but once they started biting we landed 6 fish in pretty short order. After we got home at almost 10:00, I cleaned and prep’ed the fish for Sunday night’s dinner. Sunday Kerrie cooked them bone / skin on, I cleaned them off the bone after cooking, and man was it good eats.

Oh and I’m never going back to Faraday. That lake sucks.

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May 19 2010

Vacation Report: Astoria Anniversary Vacation

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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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May 12 2010

Planning for Astoria trip

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This weekend we’re going on a trip to Fort Steven’s state park. Camping, fishing, hiking, geocaching, sight-seeing, and of course relaxation. It’ll be a nice chance of pace since half the trip we will be in nature, and half the trip we will be in a luxurious hotel on the pier. To help plan for the trip, tonight I wrote a pretty cool LINQ to XML application which parses GPX files and produces an grid output of cache information which I then copy and paste into excel. I’m pretty excited about it because it’ll make prep work for going geocaching lightning fast. Who knows, maybe I might perfect the application, add more features, and then sell the thing.

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May 10 2010

Consumer Debt Free

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Thanks to a large tax return from getting married, buying a house, making home improvements, and finishing school…

My Mastercard – empty
Kerrie’s Mastercard – empty
Kerrie’s Business Credit – empty
American Express – empty
My prius loan – paid

What’s left? House (5%), windows (home improvement loan to be refinanced and consolidated), Kerrie and my student loans(5-6%), and Kerrie’s Prius (4%) which is at a lower interest than the house. All this right on time for Kerrie and my 1 year anniversary. Oh and I’d like to thank Mark Nortman of Ameriprise and David Bixel of MB Tax Pros for their wonderful financial planning and tax preparation services.

On top of that, my work is finally going to be adjusting me to a REASONABLE rate June 1st (though they still have work to do and they know it) and we have a comfortable amount of money in savings left over from paying off debts. Furthermore, I will be getting several stock vestings this month which is going to allow us to buy a Porta-Bote (www.porta-bote.com). These things are amazing and will not only be fun for us, but will add to my recent re-addiction into mastering the art of fishing. We have a trip planned for next weekend, then the weekend after I plan on going fishing with Dan in central Oregon, then the week after we plan on ordering the boat, beginning of June I’ll be attending a fly fishing class at Blue Lake and from there it’s all gravy.

Good times are ahead of us. I think while this last year was pretty fast paced, stressful, and a roller coaster, I think in the coming years will be good to us and we can focus on doing well at our careers, advancing slowly in the companies that we’re now pretty happy with, and progressing through our list of things we want to enjoy / accomplish together.

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