Feb 05 2007

Game Development Day #4

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Talked with my folks tonight and it sound like they are cool with helping me with / paying for my schooling of choice (http://www.devry.edu/programs/game_and_simulation_programming/about.jsp). This is pretty excited I was kind of worried I’d have to sell them on it and why it was the best choice over any of the Oregon schooling options. They need a few days to figure out the financing and whether it really is the best choice or not, but until then I’m pushing forward on talking to a counselor and studying my brain off on these training courses from DigiPen Institute of Technology / Microsoft.
– Learned how to add multi-platform sound to my project
– Added “shot” sound to Megaman’s shots
– Found a good tool for converting MP3’s to WAV’s
– Added music to the game
– Added a weird sound to the eyeball’s spawning
– Moved the attack timer from the main routine to the eyeballs so each eyeball has it’s own attack timer, so they attack more consistantly
– Added a death timer so if an eyeball lives a long time w/o being killed it suicides. Added this code mostly to test death animation/sound
– Added the death animation to the eyeballs
– Added “blurp” sound to eyeballs dying
– Added a semi-transparent HUD to the top left (for lifebar and kill counter)
– Implimented some sample code I found for drawing text (since apparently that’s not in the XNA framework yet)
– Added a Megaman style lifebar aka [||||||||||||]
– Added a kill counter for killing the eyeballs (all though ability to kill them is not there)

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Feb 04 2007

Game Development Day #3

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My third day was even more productive than my 1st and 2nd combined although it feels like I coded less hours than on Day 2. I’m especially happy with how today went because of the state switching between 2 animated states that line up and maintaining smooth animation (standing & standing while shooting or running & running while shooting).
– Created a 2D sprite of an eyeball rotating
– Added spawn code that spawns the animated eyeball in a random location on the screen in timed intervals
– Added spawn code to limit the number of eyeballs to spawn
– Limited spawn area to top portion of the screen
– Added “bounce” code to eyeball’s movement on spawn
– Added attack code so after a timed interval, one of the spawned eyeballs will attack Megaman by flying directly at him
– Added tint code to the attack code so the eyball changes color when attacking so the player can visually tell when an eyeball wants to kill him
– Created a 2D sprite of Megaman running & shooting
– Created a 2D texture for the shot
– Added shot code so he shoots with the X button
– Added press/release code so he doesn’t rapid fire
– Added state switching between the animated states
– Even if button is released quickly the shoot animation state lasts for a set number of animation frames for look and feel
– Put a limit on the number of shots Megaman can shoot
– Accelerated the timing on the bullets
– Created a 2D sprite of Megaman jumping (jump code to be added later)

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Feb 03 2007

Game Development Day #2

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My second day was filled with animation. This day was exciting because I was not only learning new coding techniques but also how to constructa proper usable sprite based upon the code I was writing.
– Created a 2D sprite of Megaman running right
– Animated the 2D texture as Megaman
– Added 3 layers of background
– Animated the mid layer to scroll continuously
– Placed Megaman on the foreground layer
– Coded Megaman to use run animation when moving left and right only and to use a standing animation when not moving
– Added horizontal flip code to the sprite so he stands left and runs left vs stands right and runs right

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Feb 02 2007

Game Development Day #1

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My first day learning to be a true game developer, learning the basics. Interestingly the videos are on C# and ManagedDirectX. I’m coding C# and XNA, so a lot of this stuff I have to learn myself and only take their instruction as a basis of what order I should be learning techniques.
– Changed default background color
– Added a background image
– Added a 2D texture
– Added passive “bounce” motion to texture
– Added simple texture movement with D-pad
– Added simple texture movement with thumstick
– Added pause/unpause code

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Feb 01 2007


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Well I’ve installed C# 2005 Express, SQL Server 2005 Express, XNA Game Studio Express, and TorqueX. I downloaded the 22 part series from Microsoft on introduction to C# through learning how to write a 2-D game and then a 3-D game using C# and XNA. I picked up a book today at Powells “C# for Programmers” which looked like it had the right kind of content rich learning I’m looking for. This weekend I’m going to spend going through some of the training videos, the book, and looking at the colledges in the area, their programs, and what’s the best course of action that will get me some kind of results.

Even if I don’t end up going into the gaming industry, this approach by Microsoft on training through game design is going to get me into learning some hardcore fundamentals of C# that I don’t know and at the same time not be bored and exited to be coding this stuff. I still don’t know in the end if I want to refocus my carrier into game design or high end application design. Either way I’m sick and tired of writing all these custom code widgets and web applications that are all bastardizations of good working systems. Well I can rand on forever about it but the point is I hate where my carrier is and I know I was to shift directions.

I think my plan is that I will make a deal with PREM to focus on full time development for a little while banging out the necessary stuff for the next phase of the company, then I want to switch into a part time status and go back to school. I don’t know how they are going to take it. For all I know they are going to flip out and cut me off and go hire someone else. I just can’t go on being unhappy with my carrier and where I am in my skill sets just because I care about PREM. I can’t put them before me. So I’ve made the decision, my folks are backing me. I’m going down this road.

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Jan 31 2007


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I went to PADNUG last night (www.padnug.org). I learned about XNA. I have a new mission and it’s going to change my life:

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Mar 14 2006

Podcast #5

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We started recording Obsidian Podcast #5 at around 7:30 and it dragged on till 11:30. Alan aka Blinkers, Patrick aka Dunkan Kentar, Sean aka Broadband, Ashes Relandi, and myself all got on Skype to do the podcast. It was very fun an entertaining though as always a lot of work and a spider web of crazy ass tangents.

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Feb 12 2006


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Got up today around 2:30 in the afternoon with an amazingly horrible hang-over. The funny thing was I didn’t even get drunk last night. I think it’s because I was dehydrated (from being sick), then drank, and didn’t drink water like I usually do. Ended up getting over to my bro’s close to 4:00 hung out for a while and played poker with him, Carrie, and Adam. Adam sucks at poker and needs to come over and play with us more. Grabbed some coffee on the way home, did some laundry, and listening to music while dealing with Obsidian staffing issues. All around a pretty blah day. But that’s my Sundays for you. I swear one of these Sundays I need to goto Bettie Ford’s.

Looking forward to a good week ahead filled with Flash and other fun stuff. Tuesday we are meeting with IKON working on the database integration for the document management system. SQL 4 th3 w1n!

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Feb 07 2006

My People Love Me

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Some Obsidian player sent this to me:

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Jan 16 2006

Monster Bash

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Today in response to seeing Obsidian back to 40 players online, I decided to hold a new kind of Monster Bash which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Here are some screenshots from the event. I’m grateful we have some really great players in the game right now. There wasn’t a single instance of looting or PK’ing at the event, it was just a lot of people having fun and mass killing stuff. It was a great chance for me to test Sean’s new client stability code and test the stability of the new server and its internet connection. Good times.

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