Jun 19 2008

Spore is going to change the world

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I really can’t describe what using the spore creature creator is like in words. I don’t think anyone can properly while giving it the credit it is due. I played with it for a few hours last night and can genuinely say that the experience with that of the first day of launch of an MMO that I’ve been waiting to see for years.

One thing they need to do a better job of is advertising the mousewheel though. It’s the only part of the interface that is not naturally intuitive. I was able to scupt my creations a lot more effectively after I learned about the mousewheel.

Go here to see my creations:

Jun 16 2008


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So apparently I am an epic fail at advertising. Aside from a few select places on the net, my attempts at advertising so far have not… gone well. ūüôĀ¬† Call me a little overly ambitious, but I advertised my new side project on 27 different places across the net. Most people said things like “good luck with your gold sales” and other such comments. MMORPG.Com didn’t shun me though which is promising. My hopes are that the few places which haven’t shunned my advertising will start to spread the word. Hopefully my story gets Dugg as well and more and more people start to get exposure to the site.

Once I have a ton of people signed up for the newsletter then I will announce the beta launch of the site. You know after dealing with this advertising crap, I think back to my days of owning my own business. I loved doing the work, but hated the advertising.

I guess since the word is out, I might as well announce it here:

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Jun 13 2008

I am horrible at keeping secrets

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I am a very honest person. I like speaking my mind. I especially enjoy spreading good news. This is why I am HORRIBLE¬†at keeping secrets. I really… really… want to leak information about the top secret project I’ve been working on. Every time I go to the site to customize something new, do data entry, putting up articles I’ve written over the years (to help jump start the site) and otherwise do things to make the site more and more awesome, the more I want to tell people about it.

I’ve told my guild and I’ve told people I know and trust, but I want to tell everyone else out there who is going to be SUPER excited about this project. My site has a very focused user group that I’m targeting, but that user group will be very interested in this site. Right now Kerrie is working on the branding design for the site including logo design and other things which will give us a professional look. Also I know a friend who is an Internet journalist who is working on pointers and will get back to me soon. I also have a friend who’s mom is an Internet marketing consultant who has been doing it for so long she works via word of mouth through contracts for big customers and not under some big agency. I don’t have any upfront capital for any of these people, but they are willing to help out which is great.

I can assure you this, the subject matter is… related to the MMO industry. I’ll leave the rest of the clues up to your imagination to figure out.

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Jun 08 2008

Ding 20

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Hit max level tonight¬†in GuildWars and starting to know what the endgame of GuildWars feels like. So far I’m liking it and after getting my first Epic spell last night, I’m seeing how powerful endgame characters can be over people who just hit level 20. Working my way up to ascention which is apprently going to be a semi-arduous task.

I like the inovations that GuildWars put into their game. Endgame is not about gearing up, but rather more so about skilling up. Right now I have around 15 spells per spell circle and my understanding is that there’s around 150 spells per class. Of those I have around 40 or so for the monk. If I were to compare this to Warhammer, I would say that the tactics and renown abilities are equivilent while still having a game that’s a bit… more focused around gear, but not necissarily as heavy as World of Warcraft.

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Jun 03 2008

Do I have an audience?

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I’ve been blogging since 2005. Over the years I’ve run a personal blog, a professional blog, and some gaming blogs. I got tired of blogging in so many places that if you are a reader of my blog you know that about a month ago I merged everything “under one roof” so to speak. Now that I’ve merged so many of my different blogs into one place, I am now forced to ask myself… do I have an audience? Has the merging of my content into one blog helped or hurt my ability to advertise and get comments on some of the things I blog about?

I originally made my blog for my own memory keeping purposes, but I wonder if this has changed. Do people care about the things I’m blogging about? I’m sure my guild cares about some of the guild blogging I do, but does the general public care about some of the leadership blogging that I do or general gaming blogging. Should I blog about game reviews more? I’m not sure anymore.

So in an effort to answer the question “Do people care?”, I head out to WarhammerAlliance.Com to ask the writers out there for feedback. Maybe people do care and I just haven’t ever bothered to advertise my blog. Maybe I should. I await their comments.

So if you’re reading this. What’s your opinion of my blog and should I bother advertising it?

May 29 2008

DnD 4th Edition

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Today hallmarked a new day in the lives of pen and paper geeks everywhere. When Wizards of the Coast bought TSR many many moons ago, many Dungeons and Dragons fans were skeptical. DnD 3rd Edition¬†alleviated most of the fears people had with a slightly expanded core rule set, expanding the D20 structure to allow 3rd parties to write modules, and graced the rulebook with the art styles we’re accustomed to from the Magic: The Gathering team. DnD 3.5 made a decent step forward for the game witha lot of new¬† classes and again further expanding the game. With the release of 4th Edition next week, apparently the game is going to change in ways no one saw coming.

Victor Hermenzee, great friend/co-worker/DM, is apparently spending his evening tonight going over the new rule set. According to what I’ve heard to far, “This is a completely different game. A great, but different game.” From another friend of mind I heard, “The changes between 3.5 and 4.0 is like the differences between 2.0 and 3.5”. It will be interesting to see what this does for the pen and paper genre and hopefully, if we’re lucky, we’ll get another DnD campaign going.

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May 24 2008

HILYMI does GuildWars

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Yes, you read that right, Hit it like you mean it has decided that we’re all going to play GuildWars until WAR comes out. It’s a fun game, minor financial investment, and will offer us the chance to explore PVE content as a group and enjoy each other’s company in a game once again.

I’m really proud to see everyone excited again. Many folks have been in vent and rather excited about GuildWars. It really amazes me how good the game looks. In some ways, the game is prettier than WoW and more complex advancement than WoW, but in some ways the game feels like a glorified Diablo. I do see why the game is doing so well though because on a fundamental level, it feels… richer and more story driven than WoW ever did. What I’m most happy about is playing a game again where healing is important and useful. From what I hear most monks are morons so it’s nice to hear there’s a difference between a smart, good monk and one who’s a douchebag.

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May 21 2008

Common Courtesy

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Who deletes an account off of a website without telling the person why?
Particularly who deletes a friend off of your website without telling them why?

A day ago after watching more and more videos about Age of Conan, I was thinking about playing Age of Conan for a little bit. Particularly a Priest of Mitra. Why? Well because from a single player, story driven RPG standpoint, it seemed like that alone was worth playing. So I made an account on TheConclave.Org and posted on their boards letting them know I was thinking about playing. A lot of the Browncoats/HILYMI members are hanging out there until Warhammer launches and a lot of the other¬†cool people I knew from Tabula Rasa.¬†I said I had my doubts because I wasn’t sure if the healing was “up to snuff” for my taste, but there wasn’t anything horribly negative. Again, I am still at this moment downloading the client. /shrug

Well apparently somebody (I don’t know who… yet) thought it was a good idea to not only delete my post, but delete my whole damn forum account. Now I can’t even PM anyone asking why. I’ve had to go to PlanetTR and PM the moderators of TheConclave.Org, asking them why my account was deleted. Maybe it was a misunderstanding and someone who didn’t know me from TR nuked my account unknowingly (like a conclave member who didn’t play TR). Still though, it says a lot about their moderation policies if a potential friend of the guild can just up and get deleted out of the blue like that.

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Feb 06 2008

Expanding Ideas

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Sori had a good idea for once. I decided to pick up where he left off and tonight not only was the team holding Retread CP, but the Bane control point in the South East. We had two squads of about 3-4 people and at times we moved people back and forth according to where the Bane where attacking. At times they lauched full assaults at both locations and we lost the SE base a couple of times, but we held the Retread base the entire time. Unlike Sori, I’m actually fully trained at keeping my squad alive and I even tried out some new healing techniques. Granting a Grenadier physical immunity can make a huge impact. Many times over our comm channel I’d yell “Yald, you’re immune, give them HELL!” or “BgFoot, you’re immune, go crazy!!!”. We had a fun time, I’m sure we’ll do more of this in the future.

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Feb 04 2008

Retread CP

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I’ve found a new source of amusement, the Retread Control Point in the Pools. For the last several nights, various combinaions of members of the Browncoats have come together to entertain ourselves in this chaotic mess fighting off waves of Bane which at times total in the hundreds at once. Shots flying, repair tools pulsing, and most of all death happening. I especially like the Bane’s reponse to our recent mainfame update. It seems they have adapted well and seem a bit more toughened by our new technologies. I’m not disappointed by this, a hard fought enemy is more rewarding when they’re skull gets crushed under my boot. Excuse me while I get back to the killing.

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