May 28 2010

Return of Gnarsokar

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So after the massive guild kick fest on Tuesday (which I blogged about on Wednesday), one shining light on the guild was finally the return of Gnarsokar to our raids!

After a grueling month and half of dealing with a semi-serious medical issue, my brother is back in tip-top shape. We did IceCrown Citadel Deathbringer through Putricide and not only did he do good, I think he played better that night than he had before he got sick. He and everyone else had a really great time. I think it was a good morale boost for the guild. I hope that next Tuesday goes as smoothly so we can keep up the good momentum.

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Feb 04 2009

Anyone still reading?

Work has been seriously draining on my as I’ve moved into my role as manager of software development for ecoAsset Manager. Many things including learning more about the product to leadership training and in general getting more used to the big corporate processes and procedures of IHS. I’ve been really deeply involved in the migration of all of our code from the Mountain View office as well as Salt Lake City from their old source control onto TFS. On my product specifically, I’ve been doing a mix of prototyping different technology stacks including WCSF with MVP vs .Net MVC and LINQ to SQL vs LINQ to Entities.

Family and health have been ok, family more so than health. I’ve been really stressed out recently and that’s really affected my health a lot since Chron’s flare ups are more likely during times of stress. I’ve been learning how to deal with the stress better and started recently going to the chiropractor which has helped with shoulder and neck strains from stress.

While Warhammer has been fun, I really haven’t had nearly enough time to play it because when I get home I’m so tired / stressed out that I can’t think. The good news is that I love my new boss more and more every day which helps with my stress level. My team is really starting to come together and become more integrated and used to working with each other. Overall while things have been stressful and insane, I see them getting better and hope that things will improve over time.

NOTE: Posted some backdated blog posts which I kept in emails to myself.

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Jul 21 2008

Prineville Reservoir

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Just got back last night from a 3 night, 4 day camping vacation over the weekend. We went to the high desert of Oregon, East of Mt. Hood. We went on a 5 mile hike, enjoyed a lot of great camping food, saw places of Oregon we’ve never seen before, rowed a raft across a VERY large reservoir, and got plenty of rest and relaxation. Kerrie took tons of pictures and I’m sure if you’re curious she’ll have them up on her blog soon. 😉  More information on the Prineville Reservoir can be found at:

As a result, I haven’t blogged in a while, but now it’s time to catch up on life, the goings on in the Warhammer community, and do some gaming.


Oh yeah and on Thursday I fractured 2 of my bottom front teeth and chipped one of my top middle teeth resulting in 2 root canals and to ensure proper reconstruction of the bottom of my mouth, they did a total of 4 cap reconstuctions. Right now I have temporaries in and the perminents come in the first week of August. But hey, they took a bad situation and as a result my smile, bite, and overall mouth health will be better in the long run.

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Jun 30 2008

Wii Fit

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So I put my mind to it and got myself a Wii Fit in less than a week. I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised with the device so far. Here is my review thus far about the features of the Wii Fit product.

  • Goals setting and tracking – It prevents you from setting too large of goals. For example it didn’t let me put in “I want to lose 80 lbs in the next year”. So I set a goal of 21 lbs in the next 3 months. It also “measures” your goal progress in 2 week increments. In other words, instead of focusing on 1 week long increments it’s broken into 2 week increments.
  • BMI, weight, and balance measurements – One could say the BMI is not accurate due to muscle/fat/bone density ratios, but it’s as accurate as it can be. Plus this is about getting fit, not becoming the next Mr. Universe. Ideally it should account for a certain amount of muscle gain based on where you are on the BMI scale and activity with the system. Balance is huge and it’s a good motivator for me. Even though I’m overweight, I carry myself well.
  • Motivation – The game is constantly motivating you. The animated Wii board talks to you and congratulates you in a very cute way on your progress. The personal trainers motivate you when you’re doing well or improving on your exercises. Most of all the game rewards you by unlocking more items based on your commitment to becoming fit and how well you are doing. Some exercises will unlock based on total fitness time, some exercises will unlock the more you do that one exercise, and some will unlock as you do BETTER consistently at a particular exercise. This really rewards the person who has a completionist attitude and taps into the “gamer” side of you that wants to unlock stuff. Best of all the features that are unlocked are “mii” specific. Which means I can unlock things differently than Kerrie will for example.
  • Yoga is very relaxing and helps you stretch at the beginning of your workout. It is very tough and works core muscle groups well, but at the same time it is VERY low impact which again is the equivalent to stretching. I like the focus on breathing in the Yoga exercises and how they present breathing to you. Right now I’m still really out of shape and can’t do a lot of the Yoga poses I have unlocked. For now I’m focusing on the 2 that I can do well and those poses are helping strengthen my knees, abs, and core.
  • Strengthening exercises are pretty hard for me right now. I know I’m out of shape and like Yoga I can only do two of these exercises without seriously hurting myself. I’m looking forward to the day that I can do more of these. I know some of these I can do once my knees get stronger. One in particular “combos” with yoga. Oh yeah as you unlock and master different techniques, you can unlock exercise “combos” which is really cool. For example I think one is the strengthening exercise “The Lunge” comboing into the Yoga pose “The Warrior”. They call it the Lunging Warrior (or something like that).
  • Aerobic exercises are really fun. Of all the exercises these are the most enjoyable to me. HoolaHoop has to be the best of all the exercises because it is not only REALLY aerobic, but it REALLY works your abs hard. Forget those days of doing sit ups! The step aerobics is really fun which is surprising because I was shying away from the Wii Fit because I thought it was a glorified step aerobics machine. The “running” I’m not too sure about… I’ll write more about that once I get the feel of it. The soccer headbutting also is a bit weird. It feels more like a balance game than an Aerobic game.
  • Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle, or so they say. If the Yoga exercises are the low impact warm up, the balance games are the low impact. These games focus on pushing your tired self to the limit, testing how well you are balanced and how well you can control shifts in you balance. The only balance game I can say for sure I don’t like is the tightrope. The marbles, skiing games (yes there’s two that I’ve unlocked so far), and the “bubble in the stream” are all excellent games.
  • Overall the Wii Fit is fun to play and an excellent exercise. I think I’m going to set a rule that before I can sit down to play video games on my PC or console, I first have to do my 30 minute Wii Fit workout. I think it’s MORE than reasonable and VERY fun and rewarding.

May 26 2008

Zealot Costume Day #2

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Worked further on the skit today and the hood. I worked on cleaning up stitching details on the skirt while Kerrie worked on stitching up the hood and working on the middle front layer of the skirt… err I mean manly kilt thing… yeah. Anyhow things are coming a long quite nicely, when appropriate we’re using simple looking stitching, but in other places that should be more elaborate, we’re using really complicated “magical” looking stitching with metalic gold thread. The whole thing is really coming together looking rather professional.

Now I just wish I could lose some weight… /sigh. Looking at myself on camera taking progress photos made me realize how big I really am. I need to get back on the weight loss horse.

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Mar 27 2008

Leadership vs Management

I’ve been busy the last few months. This little bit of self reflection will give you some insight into what I’ve been going through with recently, particularly within the last few weeks.

My journey into leadership began many years ago when I was the sole IT manager and programmer at a small commercial real-estate management firm. I was coached by the President on ways to improve myself as a leader. I was challenged to find better ways of doing business and how to communicate those changes to others. This journey expanded when I was encourage to pick up the leadership torch as a volunteer leadership position in an online community of over 100 individuals. This expanded later when I left that community and again was pulled (almost reluctantly) into another organization which is now around those same numbers. Right now I hold a second volunteer position that involves leading communications and facilitating change goals for a community of thousands of people, compiling feedback, and delivering reports to key players in a much larger organization. Over the years people have described my leadership style as democratic, pragmatic, and visionary. How did I develop such strong leadership skills in such a small amount of time?

The key factor that has been advantageous to my journey has been RAPIDLY growing environments. The real-estate management firm was constantly in a state of change. During my time with them they grew to a handful of people to over 65 people. In all of my volunteer leadership positions, they have taken place in an even more rapidly changing environment growing from a handful of people to well over 100. My exposure to rapidly changing environments has allowed me to learn how to properly lead change. Furthermore, I’ve had the power to experiment with various techniques of leadership (learned through formal education as well as self study) with little to no fear of “ruining a good thing”, especially with my volunteer leadership positions.

The more I learn about leadership, the more I realize that the average person doesn’t understand the difference between management and leadership. The more I learn about leadership, the more I realize that this is a product of history and the way individuals in business were trained to manage, and how individuals have learned what “managers” are like. When two organizations come together, one who understands management and the other than understands leadership, a serious challenge presents itself. This challenge is one that we will face going forward. 

P.S. Yes, I fell off my wight loss plan. I’m still struggling with a lack of a real schedule in my life.

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Jan 15 2008

If you plan it, it will come

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Many experts say that those who have a life plan and write it down, 85% are happy with their lives. I’d probaby say that of those 15% those that aren’t happy at least the majory are happy with the direction their life is going. Why? Because they plan.

I’m a planner. I always have been. That’s why I love DeVry so much because the way it’s setup it allows me to plan and track my progress easily. So why haven’t I been planning my road to wieght loss? Because I just hadn’t yet. So now I have. If you look on my links on the navigation bar of my blog, there should be a link to my weight loss spreadsheet.

There it is, black and white (well there’s some color on the graph :-D). But the point is now I am fully planning for the future. I think my plan is realistic too. I’m planning (and counting on) losing quickly then after that I plan on losing at a slower rate. I’ll update this daily and start keeping myself accountable to working out and watching my weight. As I get close to my target I *might* re-evaluate my target weight.

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Jan 14 2008

Getting serious

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After seeing the continued improvement in my brother’s health from losing weight, I’m getting more and more inspired to do the same. I have one advantage over him in that I have WAY less to lose. I have around 45lbs that I want to lose to get to my target weight of 215 or so. At a height of 6′ even and with a decent muscle build I think 215 will be appropriate for my structure and size. I’ll re-evaluate the target once I get closer but for now I’ll make that my goal. I hope to lose 5 lbs and keep 5 lbs off a month for the next 9 months and that will get me to my goal. Realistically this should be more than doable if I put my mind to it. Ideally if I do keep up with it I should be able to lose faster, but for now I’ll stick with that goal. If I lose faster one month, that won’t change the next month’s goal each month I’ll lose at LEAST 5lbs and keep them off. I’ll make a post at the beginning of each month to track my progress. Since the first lbs are easy to take off I’ll stick with the 5 lbs goal this month since I’m starting mid month.

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Dec 03 2007

Holiday Party

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My first Dolphin Holiday party was on Friday and it was a blast. Sophisticated, but fun and plenty of “family belonging” with the Dolphin team. I think the slideshow was the best part of the whole evening and the awards cerimony. It was VERY well done and I’m really happy with some of the people who got awards.

Overall it was a great weekend topped off with a weather challenging weekend for Kerrie at Saturday market. The weekend ended with me doing apprently horrible on my statistics test. If I really focus hard I can still pull off an A in the class. If I get a B, oh well. I’ll still have a super sexy grade point average. 15 A’s so far and 1 B is not anything to scoff at.

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Nov 30 2007

Barium + Iodine = Meh

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Today went in for a CT of the small bowel. Why would I have to check in at 6:45 for an 8:00? Well that’s because I had to drink 3 16 bottles of Barium! THEN I had to get prepped with a catheter so that during the CT scan they pumped a shit ton of Iodine into my blood. What does that spell? Dehydration and lots of nasty barium poop! Extra bonus, no caffeine or alcohol. Although they said if I drank 64 oz of water today I could have 1 or 2 drinks tonight.

Meh, and the company christmas party is tonight.

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