Jul 21 2008

Prineville Reservoir

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Just got back last night from a 3 night, 4 day camping vacation over the weekend. We went to the high desert of Oregon, East of Mt. Hood. We went on a 5 mile hike, enjoyed a lot of great camping food, saw places of Oregon we’ve never seen before, rowed a raft across a VERY large reservoir, and got plenty of rest and relaxation. Kerrie took tons of pictures and I’m sure if you’re curious she’ll have them up on her blog soon. 😉  More information on the Prineville Reservoir can be found at: http://www.prinevillereservoir.com/

As a result, I haven’t blogged in a while, but now it’s time to catch up on life, the goings on in the Warhammer community, and do some gaming.


Oh yeah and on Thursday I fractured 2 of my bottom front teeth and chipped one of my top middle teeth resulting in 2 root canals and to ensure proper reconstruction of the bottom of my mouth, they did a total of 4 cap reconstuctions. Right now I have temporaries in and the perminents come in the first week of August. But hey, they took a bad situation and as a result my smile, bite, and overall mouth health will be better in the long run.

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May 31 2008


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Got a haircut and decided to have a picnic with Kerrie today. We got some ribs, strawberries, pineapple, cornbread, and Newman’s Own Pink Lemonade and headed to a random new park on the GPS. The weather was nice and we sat under two very large trees over a park bench. The food was great and the company even greater. We weren’t at the park for long, but it was nice to completely get away from technology and life for a while. We need to do that more often. I doubt Kerrie would complain.

After the Picnic we headed to Ikeawhere we dreamed a bit more about out future house together. It was nice being able to completely skip over the couch section at Ikea since we now have that awesome leather couch we got a little while back. Kerrie got some storage cubes for her yarn shelf / bookcase thingie. Of course meatballs were had and we grabbed coffee on the way home. The rest of the day was spent reading my book and relaxing with Kerrie.

Jan 16 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, HOLY #@$% watch out!

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So this morning I drove into work through snow just fine. I was anxiously awaiting my copy of BC to arrive in the office before going home because the office was closed early. I called, they confirmed it was going to arrive, I waited, I waited… at 4:50 I called again and they said it’s not coming. So I’m pissed off now because if I knew it wasn’t coming I would have left hours ago.
So I quickly run to my car, slipping and sliding along the way, and began to carefully drive home. Let me tell you this was the scariest hour and 15 minutes of my life. I swear in parts of my trip I was gonna die… Thanks to a comforting voice on blue tooth phone, I was able to make it home with moral support.
After spending some time yelling at an unfortunate DHL Shipping employee, then began my evening of hearing from everyone how awesome Burning Crusade was despite the continuous world crashes. So I spent the evening powerleveling Hatred’s Pally. It was fun, we tried different techniques and found that Felguard PL’ing is the most affective means to PL. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow and I get my copy.

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Jul 03 2006


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Hike was from 11:06 am – 12:43 pm, 5.0 miles, 10,003 steps, 98 minutes, 3.4 mph. This was a truly great hike because we hiked strait through it with no big breaks and we blazed through the trail at a decent speed. On top of that neither of us were hurting afterward. It was very much a cardio/calorie burning hike this time as apposed to previous hikes which have been very endurance/muscle building. One really nice bonus to the hike was coming across 2 baby deer and their momma crossing the trail in front of us. The one baby was very cute as he/she had a hard awkward time get up on the boardwalk which covered that part of the trail. Good hike. Did Sweet Tomatos salad bar again afterward.

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Jun 18 2006

Forest Park

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Kerrie and I did our biggest hike thus far: Forest Park 7.6 miles, 3.6 mph average, 2 hours

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May 21 2006

Tryon Creek Revisited / Divinci Code

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Tryon Creek as usual was a beautiful hike. We did a completely different side from what we did before and it was a pretty hard hike. In parts it was super steep and in other parts almost completely flat. One thing that sucks is in the middle of the hike I knocked my pedometer off my belt and I guess the batter shook loose and I lost all the data for the first half of the hike and days before. I think it was roughly about 5-6 miles in 2 hours.

On a side note, we saw the Divinci Code after the hike and lunch and let me tell you it’s so awesome. I’m totally inspired to read the book now when/if I have free time to do so. Well done and to all the critics, they can bite my ass.

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May 19 2006

Divinci Code

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So today the Divinci Code comes out and everyone’s talking about it in some way, either good or bad. Oddly enough over my afternoon coffee I read the reviews and saw that the NE and the NW all like the movie but the middle of the Country (take that as either Red states and/or Religious Wrong) don’t like the movie. Odd huh? Honestly I don’t care. If you take a book that holds the record for longest on the Best Seller’s List and on of the best directors/actors of today it can’t suck. So Kerrie and I are gonna go see it this coming Sunday after our hike.

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May 14 2006

Minto-Brown Island Park

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Today’s hike was 6.1 miles, 12220 steps, 118 minutes, 3.4 mph average, 3.84 mph @ the fastest. This park is located in Salem just off the river. Don’t ask me why we drove 51 miles to go on a hike, but hey it’s fun and different. There were lots of bugs in parts where the park was swampy, I even ate a couple again. This hike was nice because it was relatively flat and we kept up the pace over a decent distance. We hit different muscle groups that we have been previously doing hills at a slow pace. Unfortunately a lot of the trail was pavement so it did hurt our feet, but the new REI socks I bought helped with some of the rubbing in the boots.

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Apr 30 2006

Hagg Lake Hike

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We tried a little TOOO hard this week. We went with my folks, Ray & Carrie, Drew & Kelly down to Hagg Lake. They went fishing and we went hiking. The trail is just over 15 miles around the lake. We ended up hiking 9.7 miles, for 20240 steps, at 2.9 mph, burning 1475 calories. The trail was awesome. In some parts it was a little annoying because we had to hike on the road over bridges, but the majority was crazy thick woods and very rustic trails. Parts of the trail were 1 foot wide and we had to hike heal/toe while dodging low hanging branches. Once we got to the 9.7 mile mark we eventually called over walkie-talkie to get a pickup on the other side of the lake from where they were. We had some fruit and hit the road. We’re both sore today but it’s well worth it. Next week we’re going to shoot for another 4-5 mile hike not something as big as this week. Honestly it’s not even the distance that’s killing us, it’s the challenge of the elevation changes of the hikes we did this week and last week. UP AND DOWN UP AND DOWN, my legs are killing me. Thanks to the boots though, my feet feel fine.

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Apr 23 2006

Wildwood Trail

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So we kicked it up a notch this week. We hiked a whopping 5.1 miles, 10550 steps, 3.1mph, for 640 calories burned today during the hike. The trail was awesome though very steep at points. We got on the trail at the Japanese gardens, hiked to the Zoo, then did a round about hike up over toward Burnside, then back down to the Japanese gardens. We really broke in our boots and were thankful for them. The Cliff bars worked great and I love my new hydration pack. Can’t wait till next week’s hike.

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