Nov 13 2007

It’s been a crazy last 2 weeks

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The last 2 weeks were a downward spiral of World of Warcraft that finally led to my retirement from WoW. I’m tired of what Blizzard is doing to the game and I think they are rather quickly destroying the game. I’m tired of an easy game that’s frankly boring filled with 90% morons. Not to say that’s the only thing that’s bugging me. Blizzard is making the game have TOOOO many options for the casual gamer which makes my vision of my guild impossible. Why would the casual gamer BOTHER raiding if there are so many new options for attaining loot? Most of all I’m quitting because my brother is done. He’s burnt out, he’s not enjoying the game.

I’ve gone back to my roots and returned to Richard Garriot, not in Ultima Online, but now Tabula Rasa. This sci-fi shooter “aims” to please and even GameSpy gave it 4 out of 5 only because the fealt it lacked polish. Well honestly it does lack polish, but so did WoW. In fact Wow wasn’t even a stable game for the first 3-4 months of it’s release. This game is pleasently stable, works well, is well thought out, crazy fun, and honestly I don’t think I’ve had more fun in a game, let alone an MMMO.

Most of all I’m glad I’m not in a top end leadership position anymore. I will do my best as an officer in the new clan here in Tabula Rasa, but I’ve told the clan leader I can’t be more than a low level officer, JUST enough involvement so I make sure the clan turns out to my liking, but not enough leadership that I’ll be overwelmed again.

P.S. This userpic is the userpic I’ll use for Tabula Rasa posts.

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Oct 23 2007


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In contrast to how I was feeling last week, this week I feel great. I log into the game and I’m apprehensive expecting something dramating and…. nothing. I have fun, I enjoy the progress the guild is making. Everyone’s motivated. Out first retro night went really well. Overall very exciting stuff. I completed my Psych final with 41 or something minutes left of the 3 and a half hours left. Today or tomorrow I’m going to finish my CIS final to wrap up another successful term at DeVry. Hopefully I should have secured an A in Psych and an A in CIS. Despite all the drama, I have a merger going into affect very very soon. November is going to be a crazy month.

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Oct 19 2007

An interview with a gamer

An interview that Kevin Flick of Microsoft (aka Fhearl of HILYMI), conducted with me a few weeks back. He’s going to conduct a series of interviews with gamers for his blog with the sneaky and underhanded goal of helping to demonstrate that gaming is just like any other hobby we may engage in. The interview of me was the first of the series of interviews. He’s not to great with post production work, but it’s a greater interview.

The interview itself covers my history in gaming and about half of it covers my leadership of the guild Hit it like you mean it. We really went into a lot of high level philosophical stuff in there and really put somethings I do for the guild in perspective. Sometimes I’m too humble about all the work I do.

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Oct 13 2007

HILYMI at Newegg LANFest 2K7

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Kevin Flick, aka Fhearl, is our resident Microsoft employee / Microsoft hardware guru. He works for the Human Interfaces Research department of Microsoft and brings ideas from gamers to life by sharing ingenious ideas from gamers with the actual hardware developers. His most recent baby is the Microsoft Sidewinder mouse and at Newegg LANFest 2K7 he pimped not only his mouse but our guild on stage while giving away Mice and Keyboards. Click on the image above to see the whole story on Kevin’s official blog.How’s that for awesome?

Lots more pictures in our private members only area of the forums.


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Sep 11 2007

A few days, 62 to 66

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As of last night I am now 66 on Sori. I’ve completed the ring of blood and already I’m pumping out some nice DPS. My +DMG self buffed 585, group buffed 650 or so, with a +DMG totem I was a little over 700. I already have a full Imbued Netherweave set + Frozen Shadoweave made. By the time I’m 70 I should be easily over the minimum cap for Karazhan. I’m averaging a level a day to at the latest I should be 70 some time next week. I’ve already gone face to face with a 66 paladin who got schooled repeatedly while I was 62, a 70 rogue who almost got beat by me when I was 65 until I got my actual PVP gear on and was ready for a fight, then he high tailed it out of there.

Overall I’m loving playing Sori again and the guild is really supportive of me destroying people’s faces. A lot of people have been helping me grind in one way or another. When I’m 70 the hardest thing will be the balance between PVP, PVE, and grinding gold for an epic.

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Sep 06 2007


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Time for Sori and Flaatom to wake up again from the darkness and destroy people’s faces.

I need a stress reliever and Livistos, even Livistos in PVP is not doing it. I need a character that I will enjoy relieving some stress kicking ass and taking names. Livistos even though he might be healing others who are raping face can’t do it himself. In fact PVP healing doesn’t relieve stress in fact it just adds to it. Right now I don’t have a game or character that’s stress relief. I take console gaming too seriously for it to be stress relief and I don’t get stress relief out of Liv. So hopefully Soriathus can be my stress reliever.

So Soriathus will be leveled and geared/speced solely for PVP. I am even going to make Livistos less PVP and DPS speced and pick up more healing talents (yes he has PVP and DPS talents atm). Right now my DPS gear is good enough on Liv that losing those talents he should still be able to solo decently.

I can’t wait to see Soriathus in level 70 and eventually PVP epics. Fear me Alliance, I’m coming for you.

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Sep 04 2007

Who’s King?

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I’m king (at least I am according to Ogre law). After weeks of gearing up in Karazhan, last night we litterly spanked the High King Mulgar encounter. We started the evening by getting a large stockpile of manaoils made, Ogrila flasks purchased, and mentally preparing for the fight. When raid time came we had a LOT of new people. Some were new to raiding in general, some new recruits, some who were veterans but never been to that dark hole in the ground before. After spending about 10 minutes explaining the fight and the trash we executed an wonderous chain pull of the first single and double pull and then setup to take down High King. We made one attempt at it and the pull had issues. After a quick rez and short discussion of what wasn’t working we tried again. I had confidence in my team we’d down him on second attempt and we did. Only two deaths from people accidently caught by AoE and we prevailed.

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Aug 20 2007

Solid Weekend of Gaming

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I got caught up in Math, got launched, I got all my schoolwork done early so… I figured it was a good weekend for WoW. I ended up grinding a ton of PVP points, getting my belt on Thursday, my Neck on Saturday, and my Merciless Gloves on arena week reset. Now my resillience is 218 and I’m an unstoppable machine. Good times. We went back to Karazhan this weekend, killed a world dragon, and have been having a huge boon in recruitment. I’m pretty excited because it feels like the guild is coming together finally. We’re on the cusp of taking the 25-mans seriously. I’m more interested still in having 2 stable Karazhan teams. Even a month of solid Karazhan and we should be able to start doing the 25-mans regularly.

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Aug 16 2007

Meh I lost a week

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I lost a week of journal’ing. I don’t know what happened in the last week. Time has flown by so fast.

Well here’s the short and skinny of what’s been going on. Got all my reports done last week for the CIA application. I got really sick this last weekend and I think that’s what caused me to ‘fall off’ the horse if you will. Been spending a lot of time helping Kerrie getting her website rolling. As a company we decided that we’re NOT going to VB.Net but rather C#, which is awesome. As response to that I’ve been converting CIA.Net to C# which currently is done minus a few things and testing. I got my passport turned in finally. Last but certainly not least (does that even apply in this case? meh), Kerrie’s serrogate little brother passed away this week. She’s been a pseduo mess, I think the only thing keeping her together is focusing on the stress of getting to the East coast in time. Once she’s there I think it’ll finally sink in, maybe even on the plane. Tonight I’m taking her to the airport and she won’t be back until the day I’m going up to Seattle for PAX. Life is going by fast right now, all this along with the economy going crazy right now, things are interesting. At least the drama recently in the guild has died down. I’m caught up on Math homework so I should be able to get some good WoW time in this weekend.

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Aug 05 2007

Simply, relaxing.

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Today I woke up late, had some breakfast, and jumped on first thing to do some homework. I did all my CIS homework, posts, and my mid-term only to be interupted in the middle by hearing that Baliku had just /gquit. After putting an immediate band-aide on the situation I jumped back to my mid-term and kicked it’s ass.

I played WoW for a little bit helping my brother blow through STV quests with his alt, then proceeded to play some Paper Mario. That game is so fun and relaxing, it’s nice on Sunday to get away from WoW and just do something non-WoW, but gaming related. I think I’m going to continue to do this. I mean even if I’m together with Kerrie on Sunday, when I get home wind down with an hour or two of Mario before bed. Good times.

Ended up having a long talk with Brian about his health and his friendship with Amanda. It seems like she is putting undo distance between them amoung other things. I tried to give him as much advice as I could and tried to make him not feel “crazy” about what is going on. I just want the three of them to be in game again, drama free, and not hating each other. Regardless about what goes on IRL, it shouldn’t affect everyone’s ability to enjoy each other’s time in game and having fun.

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